Parasites are nasty things that take the lifeblood of other creatures, and escape to reproduce with it, leaving damage and disease in their wake.

IMG_9810 Wood Tick

Deer Tick

There are wood ticks and deer ticks. How do they differ from Spillopec (Sinopec) and Pains Midstream Oil [Spill], and other Ethical Oil companies? The oil companies don’t spread Lyme Disease? The ticks aren’t owned by Communist China?

We’ve put energy companies in charge of national policy, and as a result they’ve evolved into parasites gorging themselves at the host’s expense and well being. Are energy companies an important part of any economy? Heck yeah. Should they be the force that drives Canada’s energy policy? Would you take directions from a wood tick?


8 responses to “Parasites

      • So let me get this straight….

        Private sector Enbridge, according to ‘CIA’, will have to a)spend more on land acquisition, enrichening further current landowners, b)pay more, hire more or employ longer highly paid, highly skilled, unionized workers, c)purchase more or costlier equipment, primarily from Ontario’s depressed manufacturing sector, d)pay more to native communities (currently 55% have signed agreements), and employ more native workers, e)pay more to the government(s) in taxes due to increased spending, f)spend more money in isolated communities along the pipeline route and g) doing all of this and enrichening ALL of these people without suckling a thin red cent from the public tax teat????????????????????

        This, to you, is a negative thing?

      • Someones got to defend the Harper plan to ship out raw resources to the lowest bidder, ship those jobs out. Bummer that even his study showed that it did result in ‘dutch disease’, probably the people who took the study forgot to take the Harper oath of loyalty.

        Meanwhile Canada is becoming an environmental pariah.
        I really am looking forward to the conservatives serving time in the newly crowded jails and a return to democracy.

      • RedJeff is wasting my time by reposting off topic garbage, so he’s entering a cooling off period. Further comments from him this weekend will be marked as spam. Next week he may resume being argumentative if he behaves over the weekend.

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