Ten Years Blogging

I may have marked this milestone in February, but Google doesn’t tell me I did, and I don’t remember. Old bloggers also repeat themselves. My blogging is ten years old this year, making me a veritable Tyrannosaurus Rex of Open Data. I started posting photos and tales of my voyages in Ottawa while doing top secret national security work there during university. Obviously my work didn’t figure into my blog then, at all, and still doesn’t for the most part. I only mention it now because a decade later I’d not be of much interest anymore to hostile governments, being years out of the national security loop. That, and it’s a part of my life history I’m proud of.

I’m also proud of the fact that I have a decade of my thoughts, and life events available for instant recall and research online. Cynical media tacticians will say that politicians must scrub blogs, and distance themselves from their past, and that’s certainly an easy approach, but I believe in doing things the harder, right way. Other candidates who will be running against me in the upcoming civic election in Regina’s Ward 1 don’t have their last decade of political thought online to prove the sincerity of their pending platforms.

More Design Regina results

Maybe I qualify as an “Open Scholar”? Dr. Alec Couros, has in this presentation a quote:

“The Open Scholar is someone who makes their intellectual processes digital visible and who invites and encourages ongoing criticism of their work and secondary uses of any or all parts of it — at any stage of its development.” (Burton, G., 2009)

If my generation, and those who come after don’t find a way to step into politics, after having our lives cataloged on blogs, Facebook, and what comes next, then we’ll literally run out of honest, and open politicians. We’re already F.U.C.T.



2 responses to “Ten Years Blogging

  1. Congratulations on reaching that 10 year milestone, I am but halfway there on one of my blogs and each week wonder if the Democracy blog is having any impact. You may be assured that you are being read and appreciated, at least by this reader, keep up the good work perhaps one day we will see our politicians follow the example and stop rewriting history!

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