ConCalls: CEAP Adscam 2.0?

The annoying Canadian Economic Action Plan acronym CEAP appears in the latest Conservative phone calling scandal because a company Dean Del Mastro hired, got CEAP money to develop GeoVote. It’s unclear to me at this moment exactly how the economy would be stimulated by a program that identifies voters geographically so a political party that worked with Holinshed could gather support more easily. Is this program Open Source Software that any Canadian can now benefit from in theory? I tried to find GeoVote the other day, and couldn’t find where to download it, so I suspect it’s not OSS.

I don’t know if there’s any evidence Holinshed did, or would work with a party other than one friendly to the federal Conservatives (ie. Harper). What I’ve seen about other voter-identifying companies who work with the CPC, the CPC requires an exclusivity contract. To me, that suggests that giving them money from the taxpayer to promote the Conservatives’ CEAP, for the purpose of identifying voters to make it easier for a political party (the Conservatives for one) to collect donations and support, was a misuse of taxpayer money designed to benefit the Conservatives and not our economy.

At some point Holinshed responded to Kady O’Malley’s article online about them getting CEAP money, but their website is no longer available, so who knows what they said in response?

Am I asking too many questions? Should I stop? I can’t stop though, can I?
Here are five more questions that DDM hasn’t answered. He’s done answering though, for now.

9 responses to “ConCalls: CEAP Adscam 2.0?

  1. Tried to leave a long and detailed comment, but it disappeared.

    Holinshed had contracts with the Fed gov’t, Toronto and MP Rick Norlock. That’s enough to dispel claims of it being a conservative party operation. By the sound of it, they probably weren’t that partisan, and Hall just got pissed off at Del Mastro for not paying $1,500 or so in expenses, and for that Hall filed the small claims court charges and sent a letter to Elections Canada that will end Del Mastro’s career.

    As for Holinshed being sold, its unclear if its still in operation as a numbered company or really has been sold.

    • And the lesson is, when you break the law, make damned sure that the folks with the evidence get their Invoices paid on time. As far as Hollinshed continuing to operate as a numbered company, that is not likely. If it was in fact liquidated, then the assetts would have been sold by the Receiver. It would be interesting to see who got their geomapping software, and how much they paid for it. Not sure how to find that info, but there is almost certainly a story lurking there for some enterprising reporter. The information will be available somewhere, just gotta go dig.

  2. Lots more from the wayback machine. Colin Hall and Frank Hall, former Conservative Alliance candidate in St. John’s West in 2000.
    Geo-Vote was a trademark registered in 2007 to

    Holinshed Research Group Inc.
    Suite 1102, 200 Elgin Street
    K2P 1L5

    About Holinshed Research Group

    Established in June, 2002 the Holinshed Research Group is Ottawa’s newest opinion research and consulting firm.

    Holinshed specializes in public opinion research and works with clients to design, execute and apply research that addresses the objectives and challenges of decision makers. A full service research organization, Holinshed conducts many areas of public and consumer based survey research, including: questionnaire design, data collection, analysis, report writing and presentation, for both qualitative and quantitative projects.

    Specifically, Holinshed services include: a state-of-the-art Data Collection center with a fully automated telephone field-house, 40 calling stations with the latest Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software and bilingual, fully trained interviewers and supervisory staff; a custom web based data collection tool for internet surveys and a GIS division utilizes the power of geographic information systems to improve the quality of data samples, the data collected and the resulting measurements. Finally, Holinshed is complimented by an experienced team of professionals that include two senior consultants and three Senior Research Analysts.

    To date, the hallmarks of Holinshed success are:

    Superior client centered service;

    High quality data that is collected in-house;

    The ability to turn projects around quickly and efficiently.

    Founded and run by Newfoundlanders in their Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Ottawa offices, Colin and Frank Hall have combined their talents at Holinshed and have created the “CIPHER,” Holinshed’s premier research and analysis tool.

  3. Holinshed now doing business as 3918785 Canada Inc. Note, status is ACTIVE, annual filings all up-to-date.

    Corporation Number 3918785
    Business Number (BN) 883693715RC0001
    Governing Legislation: Canada Business Corporations Act – 2001-07-05
    Corporate Name
    3918785 Canada Inc.

    Status: Active

    Registered Office Address
    SUITE 1102

    Corporate Name History
    2001-07-05 to 2011-10-04 Holinshed Research Group Inc.
    2011-10-04 to Present 3918785 Canada Inc.

  4. More on Frank Hall from LinkedIn:

    Holinshed Research Group
    2002 – Present (10 years)

    Atlantic Advisor to the Leader of the Opposition
    House of Commons
    Government Agency; 1001-5000 employees; Political Organization industry
    1996 – 2001 (5 years)

    Atlantic Policy and Communications
    Reform Party of Canada
    1996 – 2000 (4 years)

  5. Ronstringer, I think Holinshed themselves have had enough clients to shield them from attacks, if you really want to pursue this you should be going after who had final say on the $125k in fed stimulus money and whether they had any contracts between them afterwords. That’s where the stink would lie, probably not with Holinshed.

  6. If you read the reports, it was Hall from Holinshed who brought the whole matter to Elections Canada’s attention. Its looking like he’s our hero, not a partisan hack.

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