I Spill, You Spill, We all Spill for Oil

The Canadian Press had a rather disappointing effort in presenting the true harm to the Red Deer area animal (and human) system. I know they’re short on time, so why not just publish the press releases from Midstream Oil Gusher Co. Ltd. instead of pretending like they’re journalists? After all, we know we can trust Midstream “officials” how?

Note the commenters like Ann Compton on CTV with paranoid delusions that the pipe was sabotaged underwater to coincide with an Alberta visit from the leader of the NDP. That’s about as insane as adding thousands (to hundreds of thousands by other estimates) of litres of oil to the main water supply of Red Deer, AB.

Despite the company’s optimistic tone, the Johnstons believe their health will be adversely affected if they return to live on the land they once called home.

“I believe my property is done, like this stuff is full of all kinds of toxins and carcinogens, how can my kids, my grandkids . . . how can we come back to this and live here and swim, fish and boat,” Gord Johnston said.

“Where are we going to be in five years? Are we even going to be alive if we stay? I highly don’t think so,” he said as oil-coated rushes behind him wavered in a breeze, but looked more like a row of automobile dipsticks.

He doesn’t know much about maintenance on the pipeline, but Johnston said he’s positive it had a similar problem a few years ago.

“We flew directly to the spot we figured it was and we could see it bubbling out of the Red Deer River,” he said.

Bonnie Johnston said she’s devastated by the spill and said it’s likely she and her husband are still in shock.

“I don’t think we’ve come to truly understand what this is going to do to us,” she said.

Gord Johnston said the company promised security for his property the night of the spill after they decided to leave, but that help never arrived.

Smart man. Too bad his home has been ruined in a way he’d be risking his life to return to.


Here’s a fun trick by the Yes Men


In more media-disappointment, here’s a strange satire[?] by a PA Herald columnizer.
My response:

“interference with parliamentary privilege and of certain acts that obstruct the house and its members in their business.”

Your argument rests on claiming that the opposition MPs do not have the privilege to submit amendments to bills, and it is not their business to even try? Maybe you need to explain to us what you think it is that Parliament is supposed to be doing procedurally to create laws that reflect the will of the Canadian people, and not just the 1 in 4 Canadian (Conservative) voters who put the Conservatives into absolute power that must not be questioned or amended. After all, are those Liberals, NDP, and Greens all pedophile supporters, or what? Where do they get off challenging the government to prove their bill won’t harm our economy in this “fragile time”?

Their place isn’t to try and peacefully stop the government from behaving contemptibly, reprehensibly, or in an anti-democratic fashion, it’s to simply go home early? I’m actually cringing that you work at a newspaper. Wait, I just got it. When something is too absurd to be true, it must be biting satire. You got me.

After I wrote that, I read this from May:

“This legislation is 700 clauses. I mean, you’re not going to be able to do a decent job of amendments without having hundreds of amendments. It’s not a tactic. It’s a natural consequence of the size and scale and scope of the bill that [Finance Minister] Jim Flaherty put forward,” she said.

Making changes like the ones she’s proposed is part of a parliamentarian’s job, May said, not a threat to the Canadian economy as the government has painted it.

Scheer made the wrong decision too.


2 responses to “I Spill, You Spill, We all Spill for Oil

  1. June 11. 2012 19:20

    It should be eventually possible to phase-out oligonucleutide machines and whatever else makes bioterror/bioaccidents, in the future. Without a market and with only marginal “only hurt your enemies” opportunities, not too many will want to horde aging machines without a market.
    Given knowledge of a dangerous protein or otherwise 3D product, or even the whole systems level knowledge, it is possible to know what genome not to allow. Taking this further, all methods of altering genes can be programmed, to discover what genomes are close to the WMDs. Controlling computation is key and a good-guy advantage. Without knowing the effects of a protein or other product WMD (say the receptors of flu), it will be harder to know which genomes are dangerous. It is hard to know if R+D, Vektor-style, should take place if it seems impending someone will stumble onto something dangerous. If the R+D yields a treatment, is more likely to be a net good. If it doesn’t; you wouldn’t want the secret database used as a Catholic book of books not to read.
    As more genome altering techniques are invented, more of them can be restricted/outlawed, and more distant genomes can subsequently be outlawed. This doesn’t take into account independant doomsdayers. Hopefully I’m not still fighting tar neocon Christians, a decade from now.

  2. Amazing that they managed to clean up the Kuwaiti oil spills, Gulf of Mexico one and every other one for that matter but according to dottering fools this will be the end of life as they know it… and the Johnston’s seem to agree.

    And “anti-democratic” again!!???!!!??? Lizzy-Mae is taking her marching orders from the Lieberals for gawds sake!!!!!!! They’re writing her amendments for her as she’s sooooo illiterate!

    Greenlibdipps… why don’t they have the courage to call themselves the single party they are?

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