ConCalls: Del Mastro Sits Down, Shuts Up

Ethical Dean should step down from being the PM’s Parliamentary secretary, and from his Ethics Committee posting. The Conservatives should continue to use Vic “The Violator” Toews, Elections Finance Act convict, to defend Del Mastro against accusations of Election Act crimes, because that’s funny stuff.

It seems the Conservatives don’t only want environmental organizations, and non-Conservative Canadians to sit down and shut up. The question is, will Del Mastro get the Guergis treatment now, with a private Conservative investigation into the allegations that he overspent on his campaign by VERY well over $10,000, and over-contributed from his own money? Each potential charge could land him in jail for 5 years(, but EC’s track record will suggest only a fine will be sought by prosecution, if the investigation even leads to charges. Pity.).

As the situation appears to me, and keep in mind this is only an unproven theory, it looks like he ordered a lot of telephone work without budgeting properly. When it was realized that paying for the work would mean a potential 5 year jail sentence, the bill was not paid, which led to Holinshed taking Del Mastro’s campaign to court to get payment. Elections Canada used some of the evidence in court to strike up an investigation against Del Mastro when it appeared he’d not mentioned the $21,000 cheque in his elections expenses for 2008 like he ought to have if that work had been ordered like Holinshed said. Then McMaher team found the court filing by EC, and the rest is visible on the YouTube clip above.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre told CBC TV Thursday that Del Mastro will not be stepping down. “He’s not stepping aside,” he said. “There’s no evidence of any wrongdoing here.”

So, when the opposite of Dean’s predicted actions by Pierre takes place (not stepping down/aside), please remind me to take him to task for a claim that I predict will soon become the opposite of true. I guess Dean is stepping up/in front? There is evidence that has sparked the interest of Elections Canada investigators, that much we know to be true. The meaning of the evidence may one day be decided in court.

What Holinshed is doing now, and why they became virtually inactive after the last election, is a mystery to me, but Ross K. has people discussing that on his blog.


8 responses to “ConCalls: Del Mastro Sits Down, Shuts Up

  1. Harper won’t get rid of Del Mastro. Harper’s Conservatives, are permitted a free-for-all with our tax dollars. How many times have Canadians seen that? Besides Del Mastro works for Harper. Harper rewards politicians, that do his dirty work for him. Ex Liberal BC Premier Gordon Campbell for one, was very nicely rewarded by Harper, for doing his dirty work for him. Campbell forgot to tell the BC citizens, that he works for Harper. And, here we were, thinking Campbell was working for the BC people and the province. Now, Harper has placed his Conservative henchman Boessenkool, in with his BC Liberals. They are selling off, what is left of BC. Helena Geurgis and her husband, were cleared by police for any wrong doings. Helena is one of the people, that are suing Harper. There is more than one lawsuit against Harper.

    Very strangely, Harper is desperately wanting, the robo-call election cheat, quashed, kaput, done. If Harper were innocent, he would want to clear his name. Harper is a control freak. Nothing is permitted to go on, without his approval. Not even scientists, who were not permitted to publish their papers. They all had to go through Harper first. However, Harper has got rid of Canada’s scientists, the dirty oil sands, well you all know how it is with Harper.

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