ConCalls: Spending Money and Time

On the one hand I sympathize with the speed of the investigation into the illegal robocalls (and live calls). Elections Canada are the pros, and will have to testify in court, etc., and want it to all be done correctly. On the other, bigger hand, it’s bloody insane that the country can continue on as if nothing happened, when there is clear and public information that the election was significantly tampered with, and the result is in question. If a criminal investigation’s details need to be meticulous to be trustworthy, what about a nation’s democratic election that has been monkeyed with on a national scale by supporters of the now governing party? It’s shocking, dangerous, and needed to be resolved last year. Mayrand and Mathews’ “careful” delay lost evidence to the sands of time (the Shoppers Drug Mart security footage of Poutine buying pre-paid credit cards to pay RackNine).

The nebulous promise of punishing the Conservatives behind this in the future, after they run this country illegitimately for YEARS, in place of its rightful MPs, is not enough to assuage me. Prevent further damage, and press charges now where evidence warrants it. With charges pending, there’s no reason the investigation can’t continue to round up the rest involved in the conspiracy and coverup.

Hat tip to Gzap


28 responses to “ConCalls: Spending Money and Time

  1. Perhaps the reason for the slow ‘investigation’ is because Elections Canada is too busy finding the Quebec Democratic Party violating political financing laws!

    Yup the QDP, the peoples champion of transparency, “broke the rules after accepting an unspecified amount of sponsorship money from large unions during the NDP’s national convention last June.”. How much money??? Don’t know, that bastion of integrity Tommy-Boy Mulcair won’t say.

    In what can only be described as classic Orwellian doublespeak, Tommy-Boy offered up this gem… “Elections Canada is very clear that unlike the Conservatives, we respect Elections Canada, we continue to work with them, and we continue to be in conformity with the law,” Mr. Mulcair said Wednesday after the NDP’s weekly caucus meeting. “We continue to obey the law, that’s what Elections Canada confirms in the letter.”. Yeah right, guilt over financing becomes “in conformity with the law”.

    And in perfect accordance with leftist transparency Opposition House Leader Nathan Cullen also said he couldn’t specify how much money was paid back!

    Then again the QDP had to pay back the monies it took for that MOST respected charity ‘The E.Jack U. Layton Slush/ Broadbent Lefty Think Tank’ death mask money fund… in lieu of flowers.

    As such an affront to democracy, how many posts will be dedicated to this corruption here at Saskstuff?

    My guess======== 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hack hack (sorry for my cough).

    • Not that I need to defend the NDP, because they were clearly wrong in what was done, but they conformed, and paid back what they owed without arguing. The Conservatives cost the taxpayer millions by unjustly fighting the In & Out spending fraud conviction.

      As for not seeing it on my blog, the news broke today and I don’t have time to scoop the Globe & Mail all of the time, you know? They get paid to write, I just do it because it’s fun and helps people understand what is going on. Now that you’ve brought it up, it’s on my blog, and people can use your reputation to gauge how much your version of events is worth. They don’t come here for you, let’s just say.

      I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish by inventing a new political party name, aside from the usual confusion you sow.

      You’re out talking about this because you’re trying to deflect against the more serious (& hypocritical) violations by Dean Del Mastro, right?
      Why didn’t you bring that up, that news broke today too?
      Also amusing, is Election Finance Act convict Toews goes to Del Mastro’s defence in the Globe story.

  2. Hey redjefffffff, not surprising to see you posting here right now at all, in fact its just more evidence of your ‘work’.

    Shall we take it as more then a coincidence when your boss gets accused of personal responsibility in the robocall business? Its typical con policy to try to deflect attention whenever bad news rears its head and what did I just read in the post just now?

    Yes, the Post has a photocopy of a Dean Del Mastro check that clearly breaks the law in and of itself, the fact that its reared its head because Elections Canada is using it as evidence for a production order from the robocall company that Del Mastro sent it to, illegally, is just icing on the cake.

    So of course its not the least surprising that you are just trying to deflect away from real evidence of illegal activity from the top of the con party to alleged fundraising issues of another. But all we need to do is wait and see where the charges are laid to understand which party is really breaking the law.

    And saskboy, I’d say this is good evidence that Elections Canada is trying to get to the bottom in a very proper and legal manner, wouldn’t you?

  3. And now it looks like Holinshed Research Inc, the company Del Mastro paid or didn’t pay (what did happen in small claims court, why did that check bounce…) also received $125k of federal stimulus money.

    Where’s redjefffff? Where is the ‘OH MY GOD LOOK AT THE NDP’ shout?

  4. Ahhhh deflections deflections!!!!! So the simple FACT that the Quebec Democratic Party has now been caught for the SECOND time violating Canadian election finance laws and the best the Greenlibdipps can come up with is a guy is being investigated over a check that may or may not have been used and a company, 1 of 1000, got stimulus money???? Are you kidding me????

    How many millions were the QDP forced to return? They have been found guilty after all. Sadly the QDP has been outed for the special interest party they are! The QDP represents the interests of union members and Quebec. On the other hand it IS a marriage made in leftist heaven, where else but in Quebec could you have a union whose members DON’T work go on strike!!!!????!!!! Perhaps that’s why the QDP is invisible outside of La belle province.

    Millions. From special interest. So much for them representing the common man.

  5. Getting desperate now are you, redinthefacejeffffff?

    So now you are down to having to try to switch the argument into one about provincial politics? Is that how low those con talking points have fallen? QDP?

    $50 million for gazebos
    $50k for jet photo shoots
    $10 billion for fighter jets that don’t work yet
    $5 billion for new jails

    and add another $20k in hidden elections expenses to the list.

    Can you answer to any of these charges, redintheface, or will you just shout

    • Provincial politics? I guess that’s what you call it when you talk about the QDP… after all, it’s only relevent to Quebeckers!!!!

      • Hey G, did you see how Affinity Credit Union donated almost $500,000 to the Sask provincial NDP? $496,916.08 to be exact! Page 33 of 46. Compare that to the individual donations of $989,797.16!

        Seems that the Sask NDP are quite the corporate force!!!

      • Hey redintheface, thanks for informing of us the latest con talking points.
        You know, since you only appear on this site after bad news shows up, it really makes it quite obvious that you must be a conservative employed hack. We know that they have them like the police had undercover trouble causers at the G20.

        Only a party operative would bother to post on a site like this with irrelevant, but researched crap.

        That said, your Sask bit is irrelevant to the discussion but we can mention it. First off, can you prove that anything that they declared is illegal, as Del Mastro’s check clearly appears? Show us the Sask provincial election rules that say its illegal and we can send it in to be reported as such. If not, then admit you are just trying to distract from illegal activity at the top of the con party.

        And once again, will you confirm or deny that you are paid by the conservatives in some form?

      • Sorry G. As Saskboy routinely edits, censors or voids my comments I can’t comment on something twice… special rules for special people an’ all. As such, to repeat an answer, would invite a censoring. Unlike yourself there are limits to what I am allowed to say and the facts I can present to back them up. It’s one thing to be unaware of the facts, it’s another, totally, to expunge them from the record as a matter of inconvenience. Even Thwap can curse like a sailor without editing tho’!!! Thanks for acknowledging my crap is at least researched! That’s the stuff Sask voids the most! Not unexpected tho’, left wing politics is rife with this type of behavior. Ask Uncle Joe!

        In future, keep in the back of your mind that when you read one of my comments it may have been altered.

        Party of the people… right on man!

    • Perhaps English is not your primary language. I’ll try to be more succinct… I’ve already (numerous times) explained my financial reliance. Seeing as how your mind is already made up, based on convenience, facts and evidence would simply be superfluous. As usual. Seeing as how you are so reliant on ad hominem I can understand this issue being important to you. Irrelevant but important.

      I do agree with you, this being a typical leftoid blog it’s “Not surprising” such censorship… after all, how else would you show consensus to a minority view other than ‘disappear’ the contrary voices!

      PS. Are you backhandedly admitting that “you (yourself) are a party operative”?

      • That was an attempt at being succinct or clear?
        How about a ‘yes’ or ‘no’?
        That would be clear and succinct.
        Are you paid by any level of conservative party?

        (though I am heartened that you are admitting that you represent a minority view)

      • Redjefff, Contrary to your claim that I censor you, or foster an echo chamber for “leftoids”, you’ve posted over 240 comments on my blog. My top 3 non-Con commenters have posted fewer than 100 times. So that claim, along with practically everything else you’ve ever posted, is a lie, or gross mischaracterization of the truth to suit your warped view of the world.

        What will you claim I’ve removed next, your posted version of the cure for cancer? The location of Jimmy Hoffa? You’re a verbose troll, who’s outstayed his welcome by months, and I don’t recall you ever clearly saying why you’re so passionate in defending the practitioners of Canada’s Conservative dark arts. Since we know they pay some people to do it, it would make sense if you’re one of them, and are not just a devoted volunteer troll who likes to promote bad things that harm people and our country.

      • The simple fact that you’ve censored my comments on this post alone is what I call counter proof of the illogical statement you’ve made that “Contrary to your claim that I censor you”!

        Why you even allow pornography, abusive swearing language and fraudulent misrepresentation without censorship…. as long as it conforms to your political view.

        Then again, that DOES fit the leftist definition of ‘moderation and tolerance’. Perhaps the saying ‘This is what leftist democracy looks like’ is more apt. Priceless watching the kiddies wearing communist apparel while nazi saluting!!! And yes, they really, really are THAT stupid.

      • The people/person satirizing you wasn’t misrepresenting themselves as you, they were making fun of you. Even you picked up that they were fake and had a conversation with themselves.

        You can dish it out, but you obviously can’t take it very well, as you plead for me to delete their comments even though you replied to them, and never previously asked me nicely to do so.

      • There was pornography here and i missed it?

        Hey redintheface, how’s your pal the deli maestro doing?
        Do you have find him other employment soon?

        Its getting pretty bad when he will only meet with Elections Canada if they don’t use his words in court.

        In other words, he can’t talk to them without perjuring himself or incriminating himself. Maybe you can find him a nice job on those phone lines, I’m sure you’ll come up with some lovely scripts for him to read.

      • Har har har!!! No amount of “leftoid” liberal arts twisting could make “you plead for me to delete their comments” even remotely believable!!!!! Har har har!!!

        The fact that you readily admit to allowing fake comments on your blog is more a reflection of your ‘integrity’ than anything else. I know Thwap referenced “sock puppets” when a counter-opinionated commenter dared voice her opinion. But what the heck, this is a political blog with special rules for special people. Even if it involves gatekeeping of factual information.

        I insist that you leave them up. It’s evidence for my points. I don’t believe in censorship. I need the record so as to prove my point. You’re just making it easy for me!

        It takes a special kind of ignorance to claim to defend democracy when you glorify communism and salute like a nazi. Again, evidence doesn’t lie. Then again both North Korea and East Germany have ‘Democratic’ in their names.

        PS G… could you perhaps read your comment before posting? “Do you have find him other employment soon?” makes you (still) sound illiterate. Thanks.

      • I’m not sure what “pornography” RedJefff is talking about. Maybe he gets off on crude oil soaked Alberta beavers?

        I also out sock puppets, but don’t delete them. I told RedJefff’s trolls to cool it, then he pointed out they were talking to themselves, then comes back whining I allow sock puppetry on my blog,. Yes, RedJefff is concerned about other trolls encroaching on ‘his’ turf. Hilarious, but it’s why I keep him around.

      • Looks like a sock puppet and Richard Gere’s gerbil up there!! ;) Which half do your ideas come from???!!! Har har!!!!

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