Chocolate Almonds Gone Bad

The context of the “joke” might change my opinion slightly. It’s sort of sad that some kids are so isolated as to not recognize scat, and its inedible quality. Were it not for the melodramatic handling of the parents, they might come to laugh about it some day.

Should the staff and chaperone be disciplined? Probably, yes. The poop shouldn’t have been collected into a bag if the intent was a crude and potentially unsafe practical joke. Context would have helped the children identify the true identity of the moose scat. Is it the end of the world for them? It shouldn’t be, unless there are other issues that this one built on top of, then I could see why the parents reacted the way they did.

I recall my little cousin from Richmond Hill coming up to me with a round disc from a field we were searching for fossils. He asked if the disc he was holding in two hands was a fossil, and I said, “No, that’s a cow patty.” Blank stare. “Cow poop.” Well, he tossed that poop across the field in a hurry at that point. Shit happens.

More poop in the news. Ditching the goods of a $300,000 tractor heist.

It is these sorts of stories that give Canada its reputation as a land of people with a sense of humour, and a sense of the weird.


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