Mosaic 2012 Last Night

-FNUniv with my friend Chandoo, who wowed the crowd with his dancing at the end of the performances when they invited everyone up to dance.

Chandoo and I had been standing in line at the Caribbean pavilion, but almost a dozen cops showed up and the line stopped moving, and they told people in the line that there were too many people inside already by 10pm. We went to FNUniv instead, and had a great time. We popped over to the Francophone, but the performances were done early, and we had some food and drink, and went to eNVy where they were waving the cover for people with Mosaic passports.

Earlier in the day, Howard and I went to many pavilions. The Indian pavilion was moved to the Orr Centre, where there was much more room, but it was still hard to find a seat. The food was good. I also ate at Chile, stopped by Latin America, Austria, Poltava (where we bumped into Meka and his family and supporters), and Ethiopian.


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