ConCalls: Robo-Out-of-Con-trol Delay #RoboCon

CEO Marc Mayrand tells MPs, who swept to government on a wave of fraudulent phone calls, to police themselves better. How’s that worked out so far? Well, there are now over 1100 credible reports from Canadians that they were illegally told fake/misleading information designed to suppress their vote. 0 charges, so far have been laid. Maybe Marc “Poulet” Mayrand should do something concrete, now, instead of passing the torch to the foxes in the hen house?

The investigation into 1/200th of the conspiracy (in Guelph specifically) has taken over a year, and lost evidence that would have provided video proof from security footage. Elections Canada may have still failed to legally compel the Conservative Party of Canada to hand over backups of their CIMS voter database from April and May of 2011.

Mr. Mayrand had committed to return to the committee in June to update MPs on the robo-calls investigation but Tuesday he suggested it would be too soon.

“While I am available … I believe an appearance at this time would be premature as it is unlikely that I will be in a position to provide any additional information on the investigation.”

He warned it could be up to 10 months – March 31, 2013 – before he issued a report on misleading calls including automated calls.

That doesn’t preclude Mr. Mayrand from handing files over to Ottawa’s Director of Public Prosecutions at any time if he thinks there is sufficient evidence to warrant charges under Canadian law.

I was hoping Elections Canada could atone for its flagrant lack of punitive oversight, by bringing charges against at least one person connected to the crimes we all know took place on May 2, 2011. It’s failing, and I’m losing hope there are more good people than bad or manipulated ones at the top of our election agency. The time for talk and stalling is long over. Show your cards, Mayrand, show them to Parliament! If the MPs won’t listen, maybe they will after your limp, bumbling, once respected organization grows a spine and some urgency and presses charges against Conservatives we know (from court documents) are involved.

A report to Parliament a full two years after a serious crime that calls the legitimacy of our government into question? What priority is higher than determining our lawmakers are legitimately elected? Assume the Prime Minister was replaced by a double, and there were 1100 Canadians who came forward with recordings and affidavits to claim this was true. Do you think it would take 730 days for the second report to MPs (the majority of which are under the thumb of alleged alien) outlining how to prevent future imposter/Prime Minister replacements in the future? It’s that bloody absurd, seriously.

Pogge talks about the 7 court challenges. The one by-election called (and now appealed by Opitz) is due to Elections Canada staff failing to complete and keep Registration Certificates at a handful of polls, that overwhelm the number of votes required to have potentially impacted the result. The court didn’t even have to look at the fraud allegations in that riding, before tossing the result as void.


5 responses to “ConCalls: Robo-Out-of-Con-trol Delay #RoboCon

  1. No doubt, Harper controls Election Canada. Harper has also appointed two Conservative judges. Moritz is appealing, the Etioboke Center election, declared null and void, by the Supreme Court. It’s a wait and see, if Moritz’ appeal is heard, by one of Harper’s Conservative judges. Harper is trying to stop all of the disputing, of the other ridings protests.

    Harper is also trying to quash, the election fraud and the robo-call scam investigation. What does that tell us?

    I didn’t trust Elections Canada, right from day one. They don’t call Harper, spiteful Stevie for nothing.

  2. Any idea what’s up with Larue?
    I keep waiting for his book to come out, but he’s disappeared about a week ago and no sign of life. Hope he’s ok and just hunkering down.

    Maynard is hopefully moving slow to do everything very legit. I imagine if any slight slip ups happened in the investigation the con’s would hand his ass to him.

    He did get them to admit to the in and out scandal.

    • Well, last time LaRue went offline like this he said he’d been hassled by the DoJ, then took some time off for a mental/physical health break it appeared. I’m hoping he didn’t have more equipment seized, and that he’s not been threatened to stay quiet. When he returns, I’m sure it will be spectacular again, we’ll just have to plug on again without his contributions in the meantime.

      As far as Mayrand taking his name, there’s a difference between being a careful perfectionist, and someone who gets stuff done. Right now, there’s shit all being done and I’m pissed off that my country’s Parliament is as illegitimate as it is, and few seem willing to state that obvious fact.

    • The whole thing is quite distressing. I used to have such confidence in Elections Canada, and now their reputation is destroyed, totally ruined!

      We went from one of the most respected parliamentary democracies with antiquated FPTP elections, to banana republic/petro-state corporatocracy in the span of a few years or less. I want my country to rebuild its reputation, but that can’t even start until the bums who wrecked it are voted out or tossed in jail for election crimes. And those things apparently won’t happen anytime soon, and there’s nothing more than writing about it that I can do.

      We could send a registered letter to Elections Canada asking Mayrand why we can count millions of votes in a few hours, and require appeals be done within 30 days, but EC gets 2 fricken years or more to write a report on how the present government shouldn’t have remained elected two years prior to the report if the law had been ENFORCED.

      Maybe next time the Liberals will station goons outside of the polls, and the NDP will raid the homes of known non-supporters with machetes? What’s the worst that could happen to them for suppressing the vote? Mayrand would write a report in 2018? Canadians have forgotten why we have elections, and why trust in them must be vigourously defended by citizens when authorities fail to do their jobs to protect us.

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