Stunning Disruptors

Asbestos was a miracle mineral, preventing fires in places we didn’t wan to burn. Then people started dying from it. “Antibacterial” soap was lauded by people as the solution to ordinary old soap, and our dirty, dirty world. And couches were catching on fire as potatoes sat on them watching boob tubes, smoking their formaldehyde cigarettes, warming themselves in electric Snuggies. MMMM, smoky roasted couch potato chips!

Laundry Degergent disclaimer Doula

Where am I going with this? Breasts, obviously. Turns out that breasts soak up toxic chemicals and fake hormones like Bounty absorbs that inconvenient Lysol spill.

What is an endocrine system? Who cares, right? You might, if you know someone affected by breast cancer.

The canary in the human body

“We live in constant conversation with our air, our water and our food, and it turns out our bodies are more like trees than they are like temples,” says Ms. Williams, who describes modern breasts as marinating in hormones and toxins. “We know that breasts get more tumours than any other organ in the body after skin, and I was interested, as so many people are, in the relationship between carcinogens and breast tissue.” She also was fascinated by the breast’s vulnerability to the latest man-made environmental villain, endocrine disrupters. Breasts, she writes, contain “a dense supply of receptors that sit on cell walls like hungry Venus fly traps, waiting around to catch passing molecules of estrogen, nature’s first hormone.”

[emphasis added]

Hmm, look what the Canadian government admitted just a couple months ago. Antibacterial soap additive triclosan is a cancer risk.

At the time, the government said it would be looking at phthalates, flame retardants, boron, selenium, cobalt and other chemicals in the second phase, as well as finalizing its risk assessment of triclosan.

Smith and co-author Bruce Lourie took aim at triclosan for their book, published in 2009.

Smith, who banished triclosan from his home years ago after reading studies identifying the antibacterial agent as a possible endocrine disrupter, saw the levels rise in his body by 2,900 times after using, over a two-day period, brand-name deodorant, toothpaste, anti-bacterial soap and shaving cream containing triclosan.

What’s in all of the soaps from Bath and Body Works that my wife bought? A toxic chemical that hates breasts. Oh oh.

Why is the government allowing soap and couches to be sold with toxins that kill people? Is this a new problem? No, just look at asbestos. I guess we’ll soon be banning toxic antibacterial soap from Canada, and shipping the toxic waste to India instead.


2 responses to “Stunning Disruptors

  1. It’s always been that way Saskboy, why should the government change now because you are aware of it finally? Think again. Large corporations do their home work and know of the risks which gives them the ammo, that is how to facilitate their own studies or their funded studies to show that their carcinogenic products fall well within the ‘safe exposure’ limits. It is a game as old as the hills and sometimes called playing with a rigged deck. Take it from an older but not necessarily wiser but definitively more experienced veteran you have to study and find these things out for yourself and soon you will get rid of allot of toxic shit in your home and you will feel better, save money and save the planet in one sweet swoop. Everything from cosmetics, soaps and household cleaners gotta go and be wise with the food you buy.

    Example: We clean with vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide – H2O2 (baking soda + H2O2 mixed into a paste = the best toothpaste on the planet you can find) and lemon juice and ice, which will take care of any household mess and even laundry if you know acid/alkaline balances.


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