ChitChat; Twitter and CVAF

Friday night I spent at Beer Bros with the best sort of party companions: Tweeters! Far from having their noses and thumbs buried in their phones, these Tweeters are social sorts, looking to meet new people and practice their wit in a real-world environment, off the online-record.

To practice my name remembering skill (which is stretched past the human limit of fewer than 200), I met Aaron who operates a pawn shop on 11th Ave. He missed seeing the eclipse the other day, as the part of the province he was in clouded over specifically during the critical hours. Doh! I also chatted with some old friends as we devoured some tasty appetizers. There were little, tiny, blue cheese flavoured hamburgers even, yummy.

I got to meet and talk with Meka Okochi. who is running for mayor this year, and we had a good discussion about our thoughts on the stadium. Also there, and running for city council like I am, were Tina Beaudry-Mellor and Shawn Fraser. Tina was quite dismayed by my musical tastes (I don’t mind listening to country). I wonder about Ryan’s musical tastes, and you should too.

I shouldn’t complain; I find Bad Lip Reading to be amazing:

Gotye doesn’t think he’s too bad either.


Saturday I worked at the Regina Car Share booth at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival, and enjoyed the cloudy day. I don’t think a single person ended up with a sunburn today, and it didn’t even rain. Other car share board members had the display set up when I got there, and our new display equipment looked great. We’ve got to have a new sponsor sheet printed, because Sask Central has added quite a bit of support since we had the display made.

I bumped into quite a few local politicians including John Findura, Shawn Fraser again, Marc Spooner, and Jaime Garcia. I saw party leaders Victor Lau and interim leader John Nilson too, but they were busy talking with others as I milled around. I went to the WestJet booth, and someone in front of me won a free flight (I got 5% off my next booking, but the email hasn’t arrived yet).

I had lunch at Eat Healthy Foods, after picking up a replacement seat for my bike from Dutch Cycle (the seat and post had been stolen a few weeks ago). The turd who stole my seat probably learned that the posts are pretty specific to the bike they are in, and found it was nearly useless to him.


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