RoboCon: Adversaries and Enemies

The Conservative Party’s latest salvo in response accuses the council of having “an improper motive” to “damage the Conservative brand through unfounded assertions.”

“The applications have been brought solely to provide the Council with a platform to criticize Conservatives, who the Council views as its enemy,” the motion says.

Gee, why would the Council of Canadians get the impression that the Conservative Party is its enemy?

Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has labelled aboriginal groups and environmentalists as “adversaries,”

Also, the PMO calls environmentalists “enemies of the state”.

Oh, that? That’s probably just taken out of context. Unsubstantiated smears… of environmentalists.

“I only wish the Conservatives had put as much time and effort into their investigation of the robocalls scandal as they’ve put into chastising the Council of Canadians,” said Neil.

The Conservatives are sometimes baffling, eh?

The man at the center of the investigation into the Guelph robocalls, has broken his blog silence. He started tweeting again several weeks ago. I’m baffled. I can’t imagine why his lawyer would advise him to return to his blog now, so he may be acting out on his own accord. A train wreck to watch, anyway.


Lost bike? Oh, Daily Mail, at least you’re good for laugh.

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