Who Defends Us?

Who defends the rights and freedoms of Canadians?

  • A) soldiers
  • B) police
  • C) citizens
  • D) lawyers
  • E) press
  • F) politicians

If you came to your own conclusion, and answered “G) All of the above”, then you understand a functioning democracy.

Daniel explains:

The government is clearly aware that this “law [78]” would not withstand a millisecond of Charter scrutiny. It actually expires in July 2013, well before challenges could actually wind their way through the Courts. The intention is thus clearly just to bring down the hammer on this particular movement by using methods that the government knows to be contrary to basic liberal-democratic rule-of-law principles.

Whether or not you disagree with the tuition debate, if you support a free and democratic Canada you have to appreciate what hundreds of thousands of Quebeckers are doing out in the streets for our rights. When part of the system oversteps its bounds, it’s up to the other parts to put it back into line. The citizen peaceful protesters are serving that role now, while the politicians, and police get out of control. If all goes well, the politicians will back down from their illegal law, and lawyers will step in. If things go the wrong way, we’ll be hearing from the soldiers.

Scratch that earlier estimate. 400K.

UPDATE May 28: And the lawyers are now joining in, except they are in the streets!


19 responses to “Who Defends Us?

  1. It is funny because I would put “political activists” above all of these. The real unsung heros of democracy are all those people who have worked for rights and justice, emancipation and suffrage. And in many many cases these activists have struggled against all of those people on your list.

    • I originally listed “citizens” as “peaceful protesters”, but protesters are simply citizens doing what they are supposed to in the face of domestic injustice brought on by unaccountable politicians legislating rights away.

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  3. Well clearly it is the demonstrators who are trying to preserve democracy. The Quebec government was foolish to implement such an anti charter law. Many people would not be out protesting now, they thought it was a student thing. With the new law, it revokes democratic actions. I am not surprized unions are putting money into this. If they can do this to students I am sure governments will try it next time a union has a large strike or rally. Its a slippery slope & as the saying goes they first came for the……….but I didn’t……….because I wasn’t a ……….,e tc. & then they came for me………..

    If I were living in Quebec/Montreal I would have joined the protest today, not because of the students but because of the anti democratic assault by the government.

  4. Yeah right… ‘peaceful’ protest except when it isn’t. “Jeanne Reynolds, co-leader of the student group that organized the protest, said the violent reaction was normal. “How far do we have to go for the government to listen to the public?” the co-leader of CLASSE asked on the LCN news network. If demands for a tuition freeze were not met, the government should expect students’ tactics to become “a little more ferocious.” http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/04/20/analysis-striking-quebec-students-given-a-free-pass-on-violence/

    I’m just waiting for the murders, rapes, tuberculosis, cholera, robberies, assaults and stench that accompany all the other occupod ‘voices’ to start up… again!

    Ah the enightened entitlement society! I guess that’s why they call Quebec distinct!

  5. This is hilarious.

    A few weeks ago a reporter from CBC asked one of the protesters why she was protesting the tuition increases. She angrily responded that ‘Quebec is supposed to be a socialist province. But they’re not acting that way!’

    Well with ‘law 78’ they sure as hell are. I guess she’s getting her wish now. This is Canadian socialism at its best, welcome to the real world lady. Lol!

    • But Klem, Quebec is acting in a socialist way “In France, which many Quebeckers feel more connected to than they do with the rest of Canada, growth has stalled and generous entitlements have far outrun the government’s ability to pay. The same has happened in Quebec. But it gets a helping hand from the rest of Canada in the form of equalization payments, which will amount to $7.3-billion this year.” Ohhhhh, I wonder how much of that coin comes from Alberta? http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/margaret-wente/quebecs-tuition-protesters-are-the-greeks-of-canada/article2437462/

      In fact 651 of the precious snowflakes, pure as the driven snow, were arrested yesterday! Yet “On Wednesday (May 21st), a masked enforcement squad swept through the campus at the Université du Québec à Montréal, hunting for students who had dared to show up for class. Wherever they found a class in session, they broke in and shouted “Scab!” in the students’ faces. The enforcement squad was defying a court injunction that ordered the university to open. They jumped on desks and tables and spray-painted slogans on the classroom walls. They grabbed two female students by the arm and told them to get out. The intimidated professors fled. Later, as law student Christina Macedo tried to explain to reporters what had happened, they drowned her out. “Scab! Scab! Scab!” they shrieked.” And here I thought after Marc Lepine our Universities had security.

      • Hyperbole.
        The very vast majority of students protested peacefully and non-violently. The OWS movement now has more support then the conservatives, who seem to busy trying to avoid having to defend their use of fraud in the last election in court to have anything positive to say. Similarly, your approach is to insult all students rather then talk of issues.
        Austerity as a rectifier of recessions caused by right wing policies is now on its way out, the Euro zone is moving past it and soon it will just be Harper and his 19th century economic models comparing notes with the republicans down south left to push this crap.
        Cutting services to youth and the poor for the benefit of corporations and the rich will not lead this country to wealth or happiness.
        Just keep defending your boss, Jefff, over all morals, it makes it clear that you are just a Harper Harpie.

      • Naw G, not hyperbole, fact. Hyperbole: an extravagant statement or figure of speech not intended to be taken literally, as “to wait an eternity.” Fact: is something that has really occurred or is actually the case. See?

        Secondly, the occupy (bowel) movement was never ‘supported’. It was exploited… as the liberal arts students now. In short, name 1 thing occupods produced? Awareness?? Hah!!!

        I do agree with you that “the Euro zone is moving past it…” tho’, their next step is bankruptcy.

        Lastly, ask ing students to pay an extra dollar a day for their (self) valued education is certainly not “Cutting services to youth and the poor”. The majority of the ‘strikers’ are liberal arts kids. Not accountants, engineering or sciences. I don’t blame these middle to upper middle class kids… after all, their degrees will at best get them into teechurs college. Womens studies and Eco-justice degrees won’t pay off, certainly not $340 a year, for the vast majority of grads!

        As for morals, how do you defend borrowing so far into the future our grandkids will still be paying, to pay for the lifestyle you live right now??? How much greedier can you be.

        PS where is Mulcair????? Nothing to say Tommyboy? Too busy with Alberta to notice the load in your own drawers?

      • Of course redjeff!
        LOL! Hahahahahahahahaha!

        The last thing we want to do is raise taxes on the wealthy to keep education affordable1

        LOL! Hahahahahaha1

        They need to keep their money!


        They know best what to do with it! Like buy shares in “Facebook” that plunge in value after the insiders make their killings! Or whatever toxic junk$ that Wall St and Bay St are marketing as “innovative products.”

        LOL! Cheers!

        And then, when all their toxic junk explodes, the tax-payers buy it for them, and suffer the losses of government services or the increases in taxes and fees to pay for it all.

        And then read shit-ass lectures about the need for austerity from stupid hacks like you!

        Hahahahahahahaha! CHEERS!

      • Thwap, didn’t you promise (5 times now) never to talk to me again? More leftist lies I see!!! ;)

        I note your sense of entitlement is showing, yet again, by your desperation to “raise taxes on the wealthy”… do you not understand that takeing ALL the wealthy’s money will STILL not get you out of your debt hole? The unemployed occupods have clearly shown the worthlessness of many liberal arts degrees. Do you expect others to pay for your edu-indulgences simply to extend your childhood to later in life?

        The obvious simple fact is that Quebec, once a have province, is dependant on handouts to feed it’s massive debt. Like the PIIGS of Europe. The fact is that even with tuition increases Quebec will STILL have the cheapest education in North America… that said, their cheapest tuition hasn’t helped the province achieve financial viability in the past, why would it be a help now?

        Love the rhetoric by the way… what, in your mind, only, do you mean by “toxic junk”… is it the new kids ‘buzzword’? Does it have to have a meaning or is it just something cool to throw around to make you (self)appear hip?

        PS press ‘shift’1 when you want to write “!”… it makes you look smarter.

      • It’s been a while redjeff. I would have been right to have decided to ignore you. My bad. Perhaps you can call the internet police and there’ll be fines or something.

        Anyway, I went through your little screed of right-wing generalities and saw nothing of any merit. You must have missed it all while your head was up your ass, but you see, there was a little thing called the financial crisis of 2008, wherein all the high-powered, innovate finance capitalists conned each other into oblivion, necessitating a massive bail-out from the nanny state.

        That’s reality shit-head. That’s the facts. The billion dollar deficits our federal and provincial governments are incurring are a result of that financial/economic crisis. You can try to spin things any way you like, but you’re a lying, empty-headed puss-ball. Your system has failed.

        And, uh, by the way fuck-face, when I was inserting exclamation marks and 1’s, it was an impression of your cretinous barking. In other words, looking smart wasn’t the plan.

        The opposite in fact.

      • LOL!

        No attempt to explain how neo-liberal governments, imposing pro-capitalist austerity policies, still trigger your anti-socialist dogma.

        You guys are pretty special. Even when its your team busting heads, you still try to spin it as the fault of the left.

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