Annular Solar Eclipse from Regina, Saskatchewan

I showed some of my neighbours the eclipse as I took photos, and here it is for those who missed it, or wanted to see it the easier/safer way (second hand using indirect viewing).
Solar Eclipse from Regina
-The lens flare underneath, on the roof, blows me away.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-A couple sunspots visible in this one.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-I think a bird flew into this frame. The lens flare under the sun shows the eclipse more clearly than the direct view.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-Until a neighbour came with a makeshift filter, this was how I was watching the progression, using a pinhole projector onto a white screen (folded envelope). Total cost $0.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-I may have been using 3 layers of sunglasses to take this shot. Not the best sort of filter for a digital camera, and I was a little worried about damage to the sensor, but it seems to have worked. The lens flare “bokeh” (as Photojojo calls them) at the bottom gives an excellent view.

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