The Clowns in Quebec are Crying

When masks are illegal, Clowns and mascots are banned from large gatherings in public. Yay?
Actually, the clowns are in public office. First they make it so police can claim a group that is assembled peacefully is illegal (which is a clear violation of Charter rights). Now Loi 78 and the City of Montreal is going after mask wearers at public gatherings celebrating political events. Au revoir, Bonhomme! I always knew he was a shifty character out to cause mischief.

Will ballgames where a couple fans out of tens of thousands throw something at authorities, be declared illegal assemblies? The other night a fan threw something at an ump. Was tear gas fired back, and the SkyDome crowd told to disperse by police? Yes, that’s an extreme comparison, but you should ask yourself why sports fans have more civil rights than people walking on the street for a better education system.

2 responses to “The Clowns in Quebec are Crying

  1. It’s Hérouxville, Quebec. It must be those masked Muslim women who are causing all the trouble in Montreal.

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