More Bad Lips to Read

Last year there was a new musician made famous for singing not so well, to a professionally produced music video. Rebecca Black became an Internet sensation, for being blah. Her video, “Friday”, quite possibly has the most dislikes of any on YouTube. Why might you care? Because it’s given rise to some pretty funny parodies.

Conan O’Brien has one. Jimmy Fallon made a good one too. And some “hot girls” made one this year that is more of an homage to Black’s lameness, and their inability to put effort into singing their song.

This parody of Hot Girl Problems
is the best I’ve found so far.

Bad Lip Reading, an anonymous dude from the music industry, does the bad lip reading, lyrics, music, and production. Yes, that’s a guy singing as these two girls. It’s now “Time to Rock”.

I hate gorillas. They’re going to haunt your junk.


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