ConCalls: Two Month Link Backlog

There’ve been so many robocall stories in a wide range of newspapers, blogs, and online magazines. It’s really hard to keep track, and I’d not so humbly claim I’m in the top 1% of Canadians who understand what went down and the impact it had. There are dozens of tabs open in my Firefox window, waiting to be linked to from my blog for easier reference. Here are some related tabs I can now close, and you can refer to from the convenience of the WWW.

Democracy Watch points out that we don’t really know if Elections Canada has been enforcing election law. It appears they have not been. I want them to ENFORCE THE DAMNED LAW.

POGGE kindly repeats my assertion that the Elections Canada investigation into Pierre Poutine has been frustratingly slow. Sixth Estate has called it a spade, and that shovel was slow and allowed evidence to be buried by the sands of time. Evidence in CIMS may have been missing around election night last year, or it could have taken a walk to a shredder after McMaher popularized #Robocalls with details from a return on a production order filed by EC.

It was all probably just database errors. Go back to sleep (if you can, after seeing this). You could even read a lullaby on McGregor’s blog.


3 responses to “ConCalls: Two Month Link Backlog

  1. The Province and the Post are both reporting that a first report will be out soon. They may or may not suggest charges for the RCMP, and the investigation could continue. Sounds like they may have enough for charges in Guelph and may use that as a basis to continue the investigation higher up and nationally. But who knows.

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