You Scratch My Back

There’s an interesting glimpse into how the Conservatives get around that pesky no-corporate donations rule. While it could be a co-incidence that people swept up in an investigation into crooked building shenanigans in Quebec just happen to be large Conservative Party donors, the cynic in me wonders why someone would pick $666.66 as a donation value too. There are legitimate reasons I’m sure. Maybe they just happened to have $2000 to donate to their favourite causes, and divided it equally to give to their favourite three (before being charged with criminal activity).

A special Quebec task force has been investigating the role of engineering-consulting firms in wider scandals over collusion, kickbacks, Mafia ties, illegal political financing and money-laundering that have raged at the provincial and local level.

Little has been written about the industry’s ties to federal politics.

An analysis by The Canadian Press of federal data indicates that donations from certain firms, now under scrutiny, helped transform one Tory association in a no-hope Montreal riding into an improbable financial juggernaut in early 2009.

In Laurier-Sainte-Marie, a left-leaning fortress home to some of the most progressive politics in the country, the Tory riding association pulled in $288,823.37 in donations that year — despite the party placing fifth there in the previous election, behind the Green party.

Read it on Global News: Global BC | Companies involved in Quebec construction scandals have deep federal ties

As Dan Gardner said, “But, But… Adscam!”

Impolitical has a few more thoughts on the subject of Conservative ah, ahem, fundraising.


4 responses to “You Scratch My Back

  1. It baffles me how the MSM simply does no or very little reporting or investigations in relation to all these Conservative schemes. At the very least there seems to be very dodgy and bend but not break any rules mentality at the minimum when more likely, the heads of the Cons may be directing this little concert of “donations”. I can only assumne that it is either intimidation, or the threat of lost revenue or the hope fopr handouts that keeps the MSM so quiet. The democracy is suffering greatly as a result.

  2. @Robert – the Cons are NOT environmentally friendly. The cash was most likely in plastic bags and oil barrels.

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