ConCalls: Fraud Not all Robocalls in #RoboCon

Take a look at what also happened to swing the election in key ridings for the Conservatives. Harassing phone calls pretending to be from Liberals, and plenty of voters voting without the documentation to prove they were citizens or lived in the riding.

To date, the Etobicoke case has revealed a tangled tale of sloppy paperwork, some of which is ascribed to a natural instinct on the part of Elections Canada officials to facilitate voting, rather than to obstruct it with red tape.

But, still: a whole range of problems has turned up which seem to push the boundaries of what’s normal.

And also worrying were comments from Marc Mayrand, the CEO:

Appearing before a parliamentary committee, Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand, objected to “sweeping and vague allegations of irregularities being made public many months after the election and not supported by specific facts.”

Mayrand added that, “In some cases, the complaints are made to the media without any information being forwarded to Elections Canada. Such allegations cannot be verified.” He was referring in part, he said, to the case of Eglinton Lawrence, noting that “no specific actionable information has been provided to us, making any kind of review challenging, to say the least.”

What is striking about these comments is that, in truth, getting the evidence was not challenging at all. That’s because the special ballot forms were all provided to Elections Canada, by its own officials, immediately after the election. The same is true in every riding. By definition, all those forms belong to Elections Canada, and have been in its possession ever since.

Very suspicious excuse making from Elections Canada.

Of course, Mayrand also noted that the robocall scandal is far more serious. “Outrageous,” he called it — and who could argue? By comparison, even hundreds of incomplete special ballot forms don’t stack up.

Then again, they do stack up a little too high for comfort. In a country where you don’t even have to prove citizenship to be handed a ballot, it couldn’t hurt to make sure that voters at least provide an address.

Where’s our Royal Commission? His Excellency, the Governor General, has been silent on the issue. He must not remain so, as he cannot wait for the Prime Minister of a party at the center of the accused corrupt activity to advise him to call for a wide-sweeping investigation.


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