ConCalls: True Believers Ignore Evidence #RoboCon

“The Conservative Party can say absolutely definitively it has no role in any of this.” – Stephen Harper, PM, in the House of Commons this year (see video at 2:00). The following information demonstrates that the Right Dishonourable Prime Minister is a liar.

Further confirmation breaking yesterday where I must point out that Carol’s plaintive cry for mercy for her Dear Leader, has to be ignored. Sandy’s too, because Canadians have waited long enough for Elections Canada (

Talking with ordinary Canadians (ie. not political/Twitter geeks) yesterday, one hadn’t heard of RoboCon at all, and another had heard that Andrew Prescott was the top suspect for the illegal Guelph robocalls. Despite mounting evidence presented in newspapers, Prescott hasn’t recanted his earlier denial that he had nothing to do with the election fraud. Also, the media hasn’t seemed to rub this all in the face of Dean Del Mastro who months ago, along with the Prime Minister, claimed there was no way the Conservatives had any involvement with the illegal calls in Guelph (let alone elsewhere in the other 199 ridings being investigated by EC). You’d think they’d be eager to show recorded examples of a government MP telling lies as recently as February and March?

The missing computer logs at CPC HQ clearly demonstrates that it was not Poutine acting alone with limited computer permissions. He needed help to get the phone numbers and wouldn’t have had access to complete the cover-up. If there was hacking, the CPC would have filed a police report last year or in Feburary ’12 when they started to claim they had no involvement even though they should have noticed altered logs which are a key to the mystery.

In the sworn statement to obtain the court order for Rogers, Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews described how records provided by RackNine showed the account that launched the robocalls was accessed through the same Internet addresses as another account belonging to Burke campaign worker Andrew Prescott.

Prescott has said he used his account for legitimate robocalls on behalf of the Burke campaign and denies any involvement in the illegal calls.

Both the Poutine and Prescott accounts had used a proxy server in Saskatchewan and the same Rogers IP address in Guelph to connect to RackNine at different times — and on one occasion, within four minutes of each other.

Although the court filings appear to rule out Burke’s HQ as the source of the Rogers IP, the documents do not indicate to whom the account belongs.

Hmm, seems there’s another campaign expense (besides RackNine) not declared with Elections Canada, if Prescott was robocalling legally for the Burke campaign, and paid for a Rogers Internet connection to carry out the calls. Or they could have been an expense rolled into one invoice for the campaign, but where was it? Not filed, anyway. I have to ask again, why was Prescott using the same obscure Saskatchewan proxy server as Poutine had been using? It’s not an amazing coincidence at all. It is damning, however.

Each day that ticks by, without charges pressed, is a sad testament to how screwed up our justice system is (and how battered democracy is in Canada). It took only 2 months for Regina Police to spot, investigate, and charge several people involved in a conspiracy to operate an illegal brothel. Yet a campaign worker, and political party headquarters of the now governing party are implicated in a fraud to steal a $300,000,000 election (along with taking the pretense of Canada being a functional democracy), and 375 days of investigating tick by without a single charge being laid despite piles of evidence being available online for anyone (including the RCMP) to read.

I hope CEO Marc Mayrand doesn’t read this and be insulted, rather than take it for the constructive criticism I intend it as, but Elections Canada’s investigation has been incompetently slow, as Sixth Estate points out. Our country was harmed by the culprits who did this, but also by the glacial investigative pace.

If someone could send me the latest production orders mentioned in the media, I’ll add it to the evidence pile I’ve collected here.


“Robocop” Julian Fantino has asked the RCMP to investigate the allegedly fake documents once lost in the Parliamentary Mail Room. I’ve been told that investigators are questioning people in Vaughn like Lorello, who provided the information he says was passed to him by an anonymous source. Lorello, Liddy, and Kent have all presented previous evidence of campaign irregularities in the CPC Vaughn campaign, including a second bank account.
(7:57 pm, May 4th, 2012


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