ConCalls: A Quick Bow

Here’s where Zorpheus and I take a quick bow to imaginary applause.
Postmedia is confirming our suspicion that Poutine could be royally screwed if he HADN’T logged in at a place where other campaign culprits could have been conglomerating.
I wrote:

The hot question on everyones lips should be, “Why would an anonymizing service, the same one Pierre Poutine used, out of hundreds in the world, also be used by Andrew Prescott’s legitimate, password protected, RackNine account?”

The show isn’t over. It’s just getting started. Where are the charges, Elections Canada? Why the delay?

Pandora’s box is sitting there, OPEN IT! Clean up the mess, and do your jobs. Guelph is only one riding, and there’s 199 more to go, so you better get started now before we’re old.


3 responses to “ConCalls: A Quick Bow

  1. I echo your exhortation, and I have written M. Mayrand a letter saying the same thing – the reply I received told me to go away and mind my own business, in very polite terms. I greatly fear that the fix is already in.

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