ConCalls: Now it Gets Interesting #RoboCon

I’m kidding. RoboCon has been the biggest collective Canadian (Christian-) Conservative cock-up in the history of bonehead crooked cover-up conspiracy scandals. It’s always been interesting, we just didn’t collectively realize it on May 2nd, 2011. And its designers intended it that way, because as long as there is plenty of crap flying under the radar, the stuff that pops up and gets whack-a-moled can hide again when it’s back out of sight from the 24 hour news media.
— UPDATE: LaRue has posted his first bombshell email synopsis. The companies named have been known to threaten lawsuits for less specific claims of election fraud planning —

Harper with Prescott

The trail hasn’t grown cold at a Conquest, Saskatchewan free proxy server (Conquest is south of Delisle, near Outlook). The hot question on everyones lips should be, “Why would an anonymizing service, the same one Pierre Poutine used, out of hundreds in the world, also be used by Andrew Prescott’s legitimate, password protected, RackNine account?” It’s like wondering this:
Mystery Person B, drives a blue snowplane to a bank robbery, according to recorded evidence.
Upstanding Citizen A who uses the same bank as B has robbed, happens to be seen in a blue snowplane on the same day, even though it’s more bother to go to the bank in a snowplane than to walk over from his office across the street. Could Upstanding Citizen A know something about Mystery Person B? Ah, gee, I don’t know, because I’m a skeptical moron and need courts to tell me years later what my opinion should be even though I’ve seen the evidence now.

Brian-Michel LaRue has been ahead of the media before, so if he stays on track in his predictions/investigations, we should be reading about his promised revelations in the papers before the end of May. Yay! Maybe the professional media will close the gap a bit, and we’ll have some further revelations by the end of this week or next. He mentions this article by Sixth Estate who I don’t think called LaRue a “crank”, but rather left the possibility open in a CYA maneuver while confirmation of LaRue’s accusation of Prescott could be confirmed by another source in the media.

LaRue’s latest claims are very shocking, and should not be possible without a document leak bigger than the WikiLeaks Cablegate leak that has seen Bradley Manning go to jail, be tortured and put on trial, while the journalist Julian Assange has been detained illegally without charge for over 500 days!

Right now I’m reading “encrypted” embassy traffic and emails within the Government of Canada/Conservative Party of Canada discussing bribery in the PMO, Privy Council, and Cabinet. It’s pretty fascinating material. Oh, and entirely illegal on the government’s part. It makes every Liberal Party scandal in the history of everything ever, combined, look weak.

If his information is accurate, and he’s not embellishing, there’s a veritable shitstorm of attention coming his way depending on how he publishes the details of his claims. He needs a lot of luck I feel. And he wants some recognition (and his iPad back from the US Government).

8 responses to “ConCalls: Now it Gets Interesting #RoboCon

  1. There’s been a fair bit of Facebook discussion on this. LaRue has come through with the real stuff before; i.e. Prescott. But… his style of dribbling out teasers for days or weeks is difficult to deal with. These current tantalizers hint of a high level of espionage. One would seem to be cavalierly self-incriminating to announce that they have possession of decrypted embassy emails.

    Do you figure LaRue has made arrangements for the emails to be published if he mysteriously jumps in front of a subway?

    • I think he has his bases covered (as much as one man can), that’s my opinion anyway. Plus, he’s mentioned a fatal disease that he’s battling, so there may be an element of “screw it, blaze of glory” to his method. I agree, it’s difficult to deal with. His 3 week disappearance was depressing for me.

      I hope the state(s) involved don’t rain down the Julian Assange treatment on him though. I don’t know if his resources are as resilient as WikiLeaks has been through the financial blockade, Assange’s illegal detention, etc.

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  5. It’s David Anderson’s riding and he’s been known to use some underhanded methods from time to time so follow that trail too.

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