ConCalls: After a Long, Unexplained Absence #cdnpoli

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s a bogus expression. It creates worry, and doubt. That’s what a lot of people were feeling when Brian-Michel LaRue disappeared from online life he’d been immersed in most waking hours for the first 6 weeks during the RoboCon drama broke wide open in February.

One of his last Tumblr posts in April 2012, besides outing who he says is Pierre Poutine (and seems to be confirmed by Postmedia information yesterday) was a joke about the 95 degree heat:

Just so you guys know what the Miami weather situation is like…IN APRIL.


Days later, no one I knew who knew him online could reach him. He suffers from cancer, and had just had a painful surgery. Worry grew. A month passed.

Today, he’s back with this explanation. He’s also tweeted, from his now protected account some details that I don’t know if he wants widely shared yet, so I won’t comment here yet about them. It’s scary, from a political standpoint.

It’s going to take some time and evidence for me to feel comfortable trusting his information after these wildly inconvenient circumstances unfolded. His detractors will like that doubt he claims his absence they are responsible for, but it’s unavoidable at this stage. I know a lot of other people were worried about him though, so will be relieved he’s shown up again. The Conservatives, are probably not quite as relieved.

UPDATE: Some of his recent Twitter comments are gone, and the most recent indicates that his account was compromised and is being purged now. is also down.

UPDATE AGAIN:!/bipolaroidme/status/199646333009805313
His original RoboCon blog is now down.
I suspect there’s a chilling effect from something. What a damn shame.

UPDATE 3: Yet again his blog is back, and so is his Twitter, the following day. What a rollercoaster. Who knows what is going on at this point? Change of heart? Change of mind? Impersonation? Who knows, but I’m bewildered.

12 responses to “ConCalls: After a Long, Unexplained Absence #cdnpoli

  1. Thanks for that update re Brian Michel LaRue. The toxic ideology and secretive governmental environment that is emanating from Ottawa, Alberta and Ontario will not tolerate whistleblowers or environmental or democratic advocacy.

    In The United States, currently.. to advocate against ‘shale oil, gas operations’ earns an immediate labeling as ‘eco-terrorism’. We have already see this American ‘Big Oil’ tactic arrive in Canada along with American ‘electoral advisors/LiveCall-RoboCall service bureaus/volunteers and massive charitable donations to the likes of the Fraser Institute.

    Like many, many individual Canadians, LaRue raised serious questions regarding a federal election where approx 2 out of 3 ridings were hit with illegal tactics as well as highly questionable tactics. He also investigated a particular Ontario riding in Vaughn, Ontario that seems plagued by 3 or 4 different electoral concerns now, re undisclosed campaign bank accounts, questionable political donation accounting, American electoral volunteers and patronage/federal hospital funding.

    A British Columbia woman has vaulted to governmental recognition & support for similar investigative research into donations to charities critical of Big Oil or irresponsible government.. yet LaRue may be experiencing governmental threat and ‘silencing’ for his actions.

  2. On behalf of everyone at Saskboy’s Abandoned Stuff I’d like to wish the Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper a hearty congratulations on the first anniversary of his Conservative majority government!!!

    Job well done Mr Harper!!!!!

    • shallow & silly dude .. pompous even .. is that how you roll .. ?
      If that’s the value you place on being Canadian & free
      You’re deprived.. sorry bout that

      • Hi Ann! Sadly you are obviously a hater. And an angry one at that. We would be much better off if we learned to work together for a prosperous future for all Canadians rather than perpetuate misandric and racist stereotypes. Sexist and discriminatory beliefs have no place in 21st century Canada… thankfully.

        Oh, the “British Columbia woman” you mention above, her name is Vivian Krause. Contrary to your claims, she is critical of unscientific advocacy claims by the Suzuki Foundation regarding fish farming on the BC coast. How Suzuki takes American (Moore Foundation) money, earmarked to protect the Alaskan wild salmon fishing industry, to fight the Canadian farmed salmon industry. Her efforts have resulted in the removal of 16 (un)scientific claims and advocacy based misinformation on the Suzuki website regarding this issue. Her criticisms have nothing to do with “Big Oil or irresponsible government”.

        Given the fact the Fruitfly Dave, like Forrest Ethics, have separated themselves away from their ‘charity’ status (admitting that they were breaking the tax law when they performed advocacy instead of charity and thus were doing it only for financial gain) are you yourself advocating that the laws should only apply to those that you yourself disagree with?

  3. It would seem as though Brian-Michel LaRue has disappeared once again… just as he was preparing to release his e-book outlining the facts he has on the robo-scandal. you can count me as one of the worried.

    I’ve no doubt in my mind that those in power right now are not above arranging accidents for those they cannot silence.

  4. I happen to know this individual very well and I can confirm that he is, fact, full of shit. He makes up outlandish stories (currently claiming he is a personal advisor of the president) and there is literally zero evidence to support any of them. I encourage you to stop feeding into his delusional behavior.

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