ConCalls: IP Match Confirmed: Poutine Used Prescott’s Computer in #RoboCon

Read lots more by Brandon Laraby who has a roundup of links, Curiosity Cat, and Sixth Estate. When the latest documents from court appear online, I’ll post them with the rest.

RoboCon got a little more interesting and solid today after Glen McGregor made a trip to the courthouse to do a little investigating, unbeknownst to me. I was prodding CBC to ask Maher about RoboCon.

Then Stephen Maher appeared on CTV to explain what Glen found Elections Canada learned in MARCH of this year.

CBC report on Prescott’s computer.

“Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews filed the statement on March 20 to support a request for a court order compelling Rogers to turn over subscriber information about the account that used that IP address on that day. The company complied with the order the following day.”
“RackNine records provided to Elections Canada showed that Prescott’s account had been accessed from a Rogers IP address in Guelph,”

On May 2, 2011 — election day — both clients “accessed Racknine within four minutes of each other,” using the same IP address, Mathews says in the court document.

“The IP address was registered with Rogers Cable, who said the billing information for the account goes from March 26 to May 5 of last year. The election was called on March 26, with the vote on May 2.”
Sounds like an election ISP account, possibly at the Guelph campaign office of the Conservatives (opposed to a residence of Prescott), as I’ve seen others suggest (but I haven’t seen the evidence that proves that, yet). ADDED: Star says location of computer not confirmed yet.

Matthew McBain and Christopher Crawford said Michael Sona talked about “calling electors to tell them their poll location had changed” and “making a misleading poll moving call,” according to Matthews’ court filing.

Globe and Mail’s version of events.

The latest report confirms the accusation by LaRue of Prescott, made a month ago. Prescott has not been charged by Elections Canada, and the allegations have not been proven in court. Prescott has returned to Twitter the last two weeks, but hasn’t continued blogging at his Blogging Tory affiliated site “Christian Canadian Conservative”.

For some of his contacts with RackNine, the Pierre Poutine suspect used a proxy server based in Saskatchewan in an attempt to mask his IP address. Mathews said in the statement that he intends to seek a court order in Saskatchewan to obtain the records from

Mathews says that Matt Meier, owner of RackNine, provided the list of numbers used in the fraudulent robocall to the Conservative Party, who then compared it to the list of CIMS data for Guelph. “They said the RackNine list appears to be a list of identified non-Conservative supporters.”

[link added to blockquote]

Documents also reveal the Conservative Party’s own lawyer [Hamilton] admits the list of Guelph residents targeted by the calls matches a list of Conservative non-supporters identified by the party on April 27, just days before the election. […]
“They said the RackNine list appears to be a list of identified non-Conservative supporters, with data on it that was updated in CIMS on April 27, 2011,” Mathews says in the documents.

April 28, 2011, some live misdirection calls reported in complaint by CPC Ken Morgan.

Hamilton and Rougier gave Mathews copies of two of three calling reports downloaded by Prescott on April 30, 2011, but said the third report “cannot be recovered.” The lists contain more 8,326 names of current and historical supporters, including 376 that also appeared on the list of people who got misleading calls.

This answers an old question of mine, who queried CIMS. Prescott did, as I’ve suspected for some time.

Now, we still don’t know for sure if the missing list that Prescott’s computer had downloaded to it, contained phone numbers for the 199 other ridings that Elections Canada is investigating substantiated illegal phone calls in. It would be very unlikely, unless the Conservative HQ messed up, or was hacked by whoever was using Prescott’s computer, because Prescott should not have had access to those other phone numbers given his limited CIMS account permissions. A coverup at Conservative Campaign HQ is still the most likely explanation.

Earlier claims by the Conservatives that Robocalls had no connection to the party, are shown to have been completely bogus. Their reputation appears to be one of incompetence, or lying, maybe both.

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote, who won the seat in Guelph, said in a statement that he suspects the “scheme” extends beyond Guelph.

These calls are part of a sophisticated, systematic Conservative election fraud scheme,” he said.


Christopher Crawford, a member of the local Guelph election campaign, also talked about conversations he overheard between Mr. Sona and another staffer, Ken Morgan. Mr. Morgan was the campaign manager for Guelph Conservative candidate Marty Burke.

Mr. Crawford told Elections Canada he overheard a conversation in which Mr. Sona “was describing ‘how the Americans do politics,’ using the examples of calling non-supporters late at night, pretending to be Liberals, or calling electors to tell them that their poll location had changed.”

He told Elections Canada he did not think that Mr. Sona “was serious” but he added that he told his colleague that “his comments were not appropriate.”

And yet those illegal campaigns have been reported in 200 ridings. Hmm. If not them, then who else had the idea, or who gave it to Sona, and to Prescott’s computer user?

There was news today after all. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the greasy Poutine ;-)

CBC Ombudsman defends Terry Milewski’s report on RoboCon.

7 responses to “ConCalls: IP Match Confirmed: Poutine Used Prescott’s Computer in #RoboCon

  1. ‘Possession is 9/10ths of the Law .. Is that how the saying goes ? Well.. right now Stephen Harper and his zealous loutpack .. ‘possess’ Canada .. Eh !

    We can deny, complain, remonstrate.. and buck like a horse that aint never been rode. But like it or not.. Steve and his highly unusual branding pack o cowpokes with some righteous n helpful Americans have well and truly slapped a saddle on a bucksome bride called Canada.

    To hell we ride .. We’d whine to the sheriff or Dudley of the RCMP .. but, uh oh .. the sheriff is Stephen Harper that was duly and dully elected by us.. the deputy is John Baird (next in line for the job, we elected him too) the RCMP is in court.. and the Parker Gang Posse is the ass kickin n manly bunch of Clement, Del Mastro, Oliver, Mackay, Poliviere (PM in waiting along with Jason Kenney and the aforesaid Baird).. Fantino.. and numerous others who may have fallen during the frontier battles, as they aint been seen or heard from lately.. Gunny’s like Peter Kent that was gunned down by enviro launderers or like Keith Hadfield thet got whacked by a salmon and is speechless now.. and them others who wuz likely lost to the mysterious ‘Fish Habitat’ gunfights .. or lost in the dark forests

    The tar thug gang is lucky to have a capo like Joe Oliver that can run 3 or 4 departments n shoot the eyes out of a wolf from a helicopter, or support legislation for poisoning wolves by his lonesome yet dedicated self. Shore don’t need no stinkin scientists as long as you got the Bay Street Boy Wonder backin yore play. He has radical Haida Elders on the run too .. so no monkey business in the Great Bear Rainforest.. or he’ll sniff you out.. and trap you out. Bidness in the Tar Sands is open for business..

    • Yep (download, not calls), if it was in the campaign office even, instead of a laptop at home, it means that Prescott would have seen the person who did it.

      • Yes downloads, that’s what I meant.

        Big question now, who scrubed that access at head office, it’s missing and the locals didn’t do it???

      • Exactly. Obstruction charges should have been laid by now against those who could have erased the logs, and evidence of Prescott’s 3rd list download.

        It’s shameful that EC has been uncovering all of this evidence, and not a single charge in the crime 369 days later.

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