Miscellaneous Thursday

Bizarre “Fairness Advisor” position pertaining to the politically charged Roughriders sports stadium replacement process.

Calgary’s Mayor Nenshi meanwhile has this project underway for Albertan cities.

Bev Oda, fraudster, needs a Fairness Advisor to follow her around, except that would increase the ridiculous amount of money she expenses to taxpayers. Maybe put her pen into 3rd party management?

Save Bees now.

As a little kid, I one dug a shallow hole in the ground behind my house, and covered it with sticks and grass. It caught nothing. The depression in the earth is still there to this day. Now that I own that land, maybe I should level it off. It wasn’t as dangerous as this trap in Utah.

The courts take a kick in the direction of Bill C-30

iPads are attractive, and very useful for some tasks, but they are defective by design. They are built with intentional limitations (lacking USB ports, no SD card reader, no user serviceable battery, any OS cannot be used, etc.) And books purchased for ereaders are often “rented”, not owned. DRM will cause a lot of information to be lost over time.


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