Ads As News A Swindle

It’s bothered me for quite some time how the “professional” media tends to cover campaign ads (particularly attack ads) as news, and thus goads the victim of the attack into responding in turn. It’s not a coincidence that the way to respond in turn happens to send money to the company funding the journalists failing to talk about a real issue that could matter in legislation. It’s a clear violation of ethics, I think.

The Real News digs into this swindle that most media will obviously never explore.

One response to “Ads As News A Swindle

  1. It‘s the corporatocracy echo chamber. Corporate media is largely in the hands of right wing owners-who hire right wing managers- who largely hire right wing editors and reporters. Put a sprinkle of progressive stories on the back of the sports page and marginalize them on the editorial page. Always nudge the news in the corporate view of the world. Been done for several generations to create the sheeples of today.

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