Last night I was having several parallel conversations online, all pertaining to civic engagement (or the lack of it, more precisely). What comes first, the politicians willing to interact with “commoners”, or an engaged electorate that participates in our democratic systems? I think citizens have to make the decision first, but they’d decide a lot faster if more politicians started to participate in daily life like taking public transit, biking to work, using the library, and volunteering for non-profit causes.

And if I’ve not overstressed WordPress’s Twitter embed feature, here’s another conversation on the subject:


3 responses to “Engage

  1. The younger generation has to VOTE and get engaged in politics. Only about 25%of 18-24s vote- what‘s up with that. The old mossbacks of my generation get out and loyally vote for Harper. Young people could have prevented Harper and can kick him out. They are into social media- not so much the corporate propaganda media- so what is holding them back?

  2. The young today are no different from the young of yesteryear… they are lazy. As a result they won’t get off their duff and vote, they’re too self absorbed with their own lives to bother with responsibilities. As Kelly McParland notes “There’s a real problem in that young Canadians like to bitch about politics and mock those who are involved, then do nothing on election day but sit home and feel superior in their apathy.” http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/04/20/kelly-mcparland-alberta-election-video-urges-voters-to-hold-their-nose-and-vote-like-the-morons/

    Most kids are masters of ‘slacktivism’… twitter and on-line protests. Anything but real commitment. Twitter allows you to pretend to be doing something important without actually really having to do anything! Like “awareness” to global warming… you can party it up while engaging the slogans without changing any of your lifestyles. Yet delusionally think you make a difference.

    Look no further than the Occupods, thet didn’t even know why they were there!!!!!

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