ConCalls: Thunder Bay Courage Reveals “Errors” As Crime #RoboCon

The Conservatives are constantly falling back to the next available lie.

The Conservative party has denied any knowledge of wrongdoing and suggested there is little evidence outside of the Guelph riding of an orchestrated voter suppression plot.

RoboGate RoboCon Regina Rally

There’s a lot more than a “little evidence outside of the Guelph riding” of a conspiracy. (Remember, the CPC started out saying 0 involvement, now Guelph is practically conceded.) The deleted identity of who gave Poutine phone numbers out of CIMS, in Ottawa, is one bit of evidence of a conspiracy, and a cover-up. Another bit of evidence emerged Wednesday, in the form of a sworn affidavit from an RMG cell centre employee.

Nipissing-Tamiskaming was among the closest races in the campaign, and Liberal incumbent Anthony Rota ultimately lost to Tory Jay Aspin by 18 votes.

That riding stands out in her mind, she says, because she initially fumbled over the pronunciation of the riding, which includes the city of North Bay.

The Star first laid out Desgagne’s worries that she had been instructed to mislead voters, but her affidavit provides more specific details about the actions of RMG, including how she immediately flagged her concerns to a workplace supervisor named Stephanie.

“There was a general feeling of confusion amongst the callers as the supervisors walked the floor and repeated ‘stick to the script,’” she says in the affidavit.

“Our concerns were ignored and we had to keep reading and repeating the same scripts about changes of address for polling stations made by Elections Canada.”

Annette D.’s [courageous] version has been corroborated by other RMG staff who spoke on the condition of anonimity to The Star.

One former RMG employee, a woman aged 24, said she thought at the time that the incorrect polling station addresses coming up on her screen were simply a “computer glitch,” so she started advising people they should check with Elections Canada to be sure.

“We’re not going to give them the wrong information on purpose,” she said.

Alison helps us learn more about RMG AKA Xentel. Come back and read my next paragraph though, it’s also important.

The obfuscation attempted by Conservatives, is to brazenly make the following moot claim:

Conservatives point out that the party made millions of voter-identification and get-out-the-vote calls during the campaign, and suggest that misdirecting calls may be explained by bad data, caller error or incorrect recollections by the people who received the calls.

The Elections Act does not have an escape for the Conservatives if they contrived to direct voters away from legitimate polling places, even by mistake. Their intent was to direct voters to a voting location rather than leaving voters to rely on direct information from Elections Canada. Every time callers were wrong in their supplied directions, that’s a crime, not simply an error. The repercussion of the “error” is disenfranchisement in some unknowable number of cases. That makes it a serious crime, punishable by a $5000 fine and 5 years in jail. For there to be a crime you need illegal intent, and illegal action, not identified victims. Unrepentant criminals blame others, especially when freshly caught.

A LOL worthy jab at the Conservative spin machine, from McMaher:

In reaction, the Conservatives sent an email to supporters denying that Elections Canada is investigating the party.

“Contrary to media reports, the Conservative Party of Canada is not under investigation for what went on in Guelph,”
said the email.

Party spokesman DeLorey did not respond to an email Wednesday asking how the party would know whether it was being investigated. Elections Canada does not typically confirm or deny facts about ongoing investigations.

12 responses to “ConCalls: Thunder Bay Courage Reveals “Errors” As Crime #RoboCon

  1. I think the “stick to the script” call centre managers should also be seriously investigated as, to my recollection, wandering rows of callers andrepeating “stick to the script” is not normal call centre behaviour, thus the manager might well have known something was “off” in the script that would have potentially given the workers a reason NOT to stick to it

    • Yes, whoever Stephanie is, she should be facing charges, as could any employee who followed orders to break the Elections Act. I’m not certain if Annette is in the clear either, since she essentially confessed to unwittingly misdirecting people.

  2. I would hope that the investigating authorities NOT target some low-level hirelings as scape-goats. The investigators should focus on finding their way up to the chain of command. The ones who PAID for all this crap.

    • Technically the workers got paid for the crap too, but didn’t concoct the scheme. So, your point is only fair in that EC and even the RCMP probably don’t have the manpower to prosecute everyone who broke the law, so go after the bigger fish instead.

  3. The call scripts should be accessible to the EC investigators, as they would be filed under the specific contractor’s details and what the actual contract entailed the call-center to provide…unless of course the Con party officials going to Thunder Bay ahead of the EC investigators was to “clear the air.”

    The whole thing stinks to high heaven

  4. Well there are a number of spellings, I’m from the riding and there’s Témiscaming, QC just over the border, the former tri-town area now known as Temiskaming Shores (no accent) and Timiskaming First Nation and Timiskaming district.

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