In and Out: Political Double Tap

The Harper Government is known for its zombie like resiliency. Just when you think it’s down for the count, it gets back up to bite your arm off. Zombieland was a humourous zombie movie where the main character explains the ways to survive a zombie attack. You’ve gotta have good cardio, and double tap the zombie. Now, before anyone starts huffin’ and “puffin” at me that I can’t use such a metaphor about our government, “let me be clear” that I’m only using a metaphor and in no way want to see any Canadian politicians shot (twice, or even threatened with once). The Harper government either has more lives than a cat, or is already undead and ready to eat your brains. The opposition parties must not take a chance and show mercy.

-Enforce the Damn Law-

The Elections Act provided much stiffer punishment for the Conservatives when they pleaded guilty to the In and Out campaign financing scam. While Ivison at PostMedia was shaming Elections Canada for spending millions of dollars to enforce the law by prosecuting our convicted governing party, journalists I admire a great deal more (affectionately dubbed McMaher) were finding out just how many millions were flushed out of necessity to enforce the Elections Act, when the Conservatives accounting got too different to agree with.

While there are now calls for the Conservatives to repay to tax payers what their crime wrought in expenses, I’m not going down that road. The judge gave the CPC a light fine of $52K, and that incident is put to bed (or to the grave, if I stick with my metaphor). However, repeat offenders should not be shown mercy, and there are many $15,000.01 transfers during the 2011 election which are not well explained.

$2.3M to enforce the law against 1 plan to break it at the CPC national campaign office. How many millions and years will Elections Canada need to enforce the law against 800 incidents of voter suppression across 200 ridings? That fine had better be more than $52,000, with no years in jail for anyone.

[CEO] Mayrand told MPs on the Procedure and House Affairs committee that they should consider increasing the penalties for Elections Act violations because they are “disproportionately light,” providing fines of just $2,000 to $5,000 for some serious violations.

That’s looking at the crime the wrong way. If there are 800 violations, and even half of them are tied to the Conservative Party as I suspect they will [mostly all] be, that should be a fine calculated as 800 * $5000 = $4,000,000.
Since we know a Guelph campaign alone made more than 5000 illegal calls, that should be a $5000 * 5000 = ~$250,00,000 fine AND jail. Show some mercy, and make the 5 years concurrent instead of consecutive.

So while the scandals and crimes pile up, people are wondering if Peter MacKay can (professionally) survive the F-35 swindle. $9B turned into $16B, then $30B or $25B, and now maybe $48B over the lifespan of the fighter jet purchase and operation. The $9B figure was first used to make it an easier sell, and it still flopped. Imagine if the government had opened with the $48B price tag, honestly?

Honestly, it’s too much to ask of the lying Harper zombies.


Another document released through the open-records law sheds new light on the Elections Canada raid on Conservative Party headquarters in April 2008. A document sent to the RCMP’s integrated technical crime unit, which was helping with computer forensic work, lists the search terms used to scour the seven hard drives seized in the raid.

The search terms included phrases like “target seat list” and “riding breakdown” but also cryptic references such as “heavy up,” “Project Sunshine” and “Project 89” — possibly a reference to the number of ridings targeted in the scheme.

Project Sunshine? Let’s shine a light on it.


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