The Conservative Coalition

I haven’t bothered to double check this little amusing fact, because I have no reason to assume it’s incorrect.

There is only one federal party in Canada that calls for the creation of a coalition. Of the four major political organizations, there is only one that has in its constitution as one of its founding principles the responsibility to develop such a union. It isn’t the Green Party, it isn’t the Liberals, it’s not even the NDP. The party that believes in coalitions so much is the same party that opposed them as undemocratic in 2009; the Conservative Party of Canada.

It should be pointed out that there is nothing undemocratic about coalition governments. They often result in majority governments, and bad laws get shot down because at least one important part of the coalition realizes they will have their electoral chances hurt if they move against the people.

3 responses to “The Conservative Coalition

  1. In your wildest dreams do you equate “The goal of building a national coalition of people who share these beliefs (A belief in a balance between fiscal accountability, progressive social policy and individual rights and responsibilities) and who reflect the regional, cultural and socio-economic diversity of Canada.” with a signed and sealed document uniting Libs and Dipps in a power grab with a pledge of support by the Blocheads?????

    At least the Conservatives had the integrity to offer the people of Canada a choice. An alternative. Something the ‘coalition party’ refused to do.

  2. Oh, and one more thing. In future check a dictionary before you make a complete rectum of yourself: co·a·li·tion, a combination or alliance, especially a temporary one between persons, factions, states, etc.

    The Conservatives are anything but temporary. And for years to come!!! :)

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