Minister of Fun #CPCMinisters

The Conservative government in Canada needs to start expanding its swelled Cabinet to include Ministers that Conservatives care about.
Perhaps we could get #CPCMinisters meme to trend on Twitter?

Here are some early entries to give you the idea:
Minister of Threatening Canadians – Joe Oliver
Minister of Adultery – Vic Toews
Minister of Helicopter Getaway Vacations, and Stealth Jets – Peter MacKay

Check out Canadian LOLitics

2 responses to “Minister of Fun #CPCMinisters

  1. Despite the braying of political asses it should be noted that “During the spring election campaign, Harper said it was “not the priority of the government” to reignite the abortion law debate… Harper said he would “oppose any attempt to create a new abortion law,” and “In the first Parliament in which Harper served as prime minister, the government blocked a bill that former MP Ken Epp tried to bring forward that would have made it a separate criminal offence to kill a fetus when a pregnant woman is killed.”

    But don’t let facts interupt your fantasy world.

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