Election Stockholm Syndrome

Conservative Canadians are sympathizing with their captors.
Just happy to have finally kicked the pesky 2 year election cycle with a Conservative “stable” majority government, the fact that it was tainted (more correctly “stolen“) by rampant electoral fraud doesn’t seem to sway everyone into calling for justice.

Fortunately there are still Canadians willing to Stand on Guard for Thee.

Tens of thousands of Canadians are getting active. Forgive us if, as Canadian citizens who have known overwhelmingly free and fair elections for decades, if we’re a little rusty in figuring out how to respond to a government that earned its majority thanks to a centrally-directed criminal conspiracy of electoral fraud.

To expand on Ross K’s (no relation to me) idea that Canadians are learning to like being cheated and abused:

Because if we all just decide to shrug our shoulders in the end?
Well, the entire country could become one big Saanich Gulf-Islands, circa, 2008 wherein all involved parties get to walk away smiling, and shaking hands, and assembling war chests for the next time.
Next time.
Think about that for a moment…
One riding in 2008…
Thirty-one, or sixty-two, or ninety-four ridings in 2011…
How many, then, in 2015?

The Borg are here. The rise of the robocall machines. “Borg? Sounds Swedish.” – Star Trek character remarks. Stockholm is in Sweden (just a coincidence, I assure you ;).
The line must be drawn HERE!” – Captain Picard in Star Trek: First Contact

But they really have no escape. They’ve repeated the “in-and-out” scandal [unexplained $15,000.01 transfers to Quebec ridings]. They’ve had American election strategists campaigning for them [from Front Porch Strategies]. They’ve got people testifying that they were told to lie and say they were from Elections Canada and that they were giving out information they later discovered was fraudulent.

(links added)


Six years ago [in 2005], as opposition leader, [Harper] wrote these words in an essay published by the Montreal Gazette: “Information is the lifeblood of a democracy. Without adequate access to key information about government policies and programs, citizens and parliamentarians cannot make informed decisions and incompetent or corrupt governments can be hidden under a cloak of secrecy.”

Write the Governor General for a Royal Commission, now.


6 responses to “Election Stockholm Syndrome

  1. This business is more serious than anything that the office of Governor General has dealt with in my lifetime and I have doubts as to whether he has the background to understand it. I also question whether he would have the will.

    I am also very reluctant to communicate my concerns personally to the Governor General because at this point I’m not sure that he isn’t one of them. The fact that he accepted an appointement from Harper after seeming to have done his bidding on the terms of reference for the Schreiber inquiry places him even further from the reach of my trust. I have the same anxieties regarding anyone who is on his staff.

    • I agree that it’s extremely serious, and I won’t be convinced the GG will act in the interests of democracy until I see proof. It’s one of the last stops before things get worse for Canadians, however. We have to hope there are a few good MPs on the Conservatives willing to stand against Harper otherwise. I don’t know what’s a longer shot.

  2. Marci McDonald (The Armageddon Factor) seems to have established how to ‘frame’ our questions or confusions regarding the vote suppression during our last election. Here’s one very useful link.


    After reading several other related articles/essays I found myself able to take a fresh new perspective on those who benefit from, or need a New Conservative Party majority government.. and could easily design/execute/fund the suppression tactics. Aside from the obvious individuals and Big Oil, Big Money, Big War .. oh … Big Religion !

  3. We’re not related?

    Somebody start an investigation!

    All snark aside, it’s an interesting point.

    After all, what really turned the tide against Nixon, was when few principled (and/or pragmatic) Republicans began to jump ship.


    Who would be most likely to do so up here I wonder?

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