ConCalls: Where There’s Smoke – There’s Fire and Mirrors

The problem with evidence that you don’t like, is that it doesn’t “feel” right. Our brain actually connects with what feels right, which is why con-artists can stay in business even if their lies are obvious. It takes law enforcement intervention before a con-artist stops conning.

This sort of gut feeling reaction is what is hampering many Conservatives’ acceptance of the RoboCon scandal as real. They trust Stephen Harper, rightly or wrongly. The news, ample evidence and public testimony, and even affidavits that the Conservatives are directly connected to at least some of the misdirecting live calls Canadians got prior to, and on election day, is simply too much to process. If that fact is accepted, it means the Prime Minister’s denial that the party had no involvement in RoboCon, is a lie.

Prime Minister Harper Does Not Lie.
*RoboError* *Danger* *Danger* *Dishonesty Denial circuits overloading!*

Electoral Fraud for Dummies

– So if it was the Conservatives, why didn’t they spoof their CID to minimize risk of detection? They were simply not concerned about the level of prosecution if they were even investigated by EC. However, Pierre Poutine may have had more to lose (or just different IT skills), so made an effort to conceal their identity if an investigation started. To me, that suggests there was a national coordination strategy from higher up the food chain than Poutine (Head Cheese maybe?), and we’re seeing different implementations of one objective: suppress non-CPC voters, by any non-violent IT means available.

– What if it was just the Liberals spoofing the Conservative’s phone number in Halifax? EC will have to sort this out by getting a production order from that CPC office in Halifax for phone records to link them to calling Lori Bruce in Fredericton. Since there are many, many documented cases of Conservatives impersonating Liberals on the phone, I think it’s laughable to cast the same suspicion onto another party that does not have this sort of track record.

– The big question: What will come from all this?
My modest prediction, from early in the scandal.

– Some more big questions: Did the vote suppression scheme work? Was it necessary for the Harper Majority?

Both of those answers could be “NO” and it doesn’t change a damn thing about the facts: Major crimes (punishable by 5 years in jail, and $5000 fines, not counting conspiracy charges) were committed by those who tried to suppress the vote using EC impersonation and misdirection, and there is obvious evidence available to the public that the Conservatives (on the face of the evidence), are connected to at least some of the incidents. This is as disaster for our country, and our democracy, never mind the reputation of the Conservatives and our Prime Minister.


One response to “ConCalls: Where There’s Smoke – There’s Fire and Mirrors

  1. “James
    4 May 2011
    I am Guelph and got a call from 450-760-7746 telling us to go to a different place to vote. I sent a letter and an email to conservative party saying I would not vote for them as long as Harper was there. I am sure they are behind this call. I voted conservative all my life but never again!!!”

    Apparently identified by CIMS, unless James forgot about being phone polled prior to being Robocalled by Poutine.

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