Official Complaints: Nothing Happened

“…Nothing happened”
Elizabeth May’s passionate speech imploring our “tough on crime government to get tough on electoral crime!”

The video is a week old, but is as relevant at my writing, as it was back then. There’s been additional evidence of micro-targeting though that points to a national party being involved.

9 responses to “Official Complaints: Nothing Happened

  1. Does anyone know of a SINGLE person who was disenfranchised ie. denied their right to vote, due to this media manufactured controversy?

    As it’s the “biggest scandal of our time” was anyone at all affected?

    One (linked) name?

    • Yes, you only need to read one of the many Postmedia articles about this to read of voters in Guelph who tore up their voter location cards in a misdirected parking lot, out of frustration.

      Obviously thousands were affected. We’ll know how many when we have records available for how many robocalls Poutine sent out through RackNine.

      • Link please? One that includes at minimum a ‘victims’ name. Of the “thousands” surely one name is a simple task. My local paper, The Guelph Mercury, hasn’t provided any, nor have I been able to find one on-line.

        In short, I’m looking for evidence.

      • Here’s why you don’t have names. The reason we know of this investigation is because Postmedia journalists used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain legal documents pertaining to RackNine.

        Yet people affected include Woodward MP’s wife, and Blogging Tory Sandy Crux who have come forward as getting these robocalls. An academic paper has also found that 27 robocalled ridings showed turnout that correlates with vote suppression calls in those same ridings.

      • Not even ONE disenfranchised voter? Not a single name? From your link “Elections Canada has hired 12 junior staff to sift through 31,000 electronic messages it has received since Postmedia and the Ottawa Citizen revealed the robocall affair last month.

        The agency says the majority of those “contacts” result from an online petition, but isn’t able to say yet how many are real complaints from voters who received misleading or fraudulent calls.”

        Seriously???? An “online petition”?

        Yet still not a single disenfranchised voter. Quite a media manufactured scandal this is turning out to be!!! :)

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  3. The online petition being referred to is probably the Council of Canadians survey, and not something like an Avaaz petition that just requires an e-mail address. If you take a look at the survey it’s pretty thorough and not something you can game without coming up with a huge number of fake names, addresses, phone numbers and separate electoral issues. So the argument that this is “a media manufactured” issue doesn’t hold any water.

    The reason names are not being published is pretty simple:
    “DISCLAIMER: All information entered in this form will be kept confidential and in adherence to the Council’s privacy policy.”

    So if this is what is being forwarded to Elections Canada, then I see no problem with the reason behind keeping the names confidential at this point. It is after all, an on-going investigation and so your calls for “Names!, Names! and even more names!” is kind of a ridiculous position to be taking. Especially since a) disclosure may invite harassment by supporters of the accused and b)there’s no legal requirement to disclose the names of people who are making these claims as they are first and foremost claims that are not substantiated or unsubstantiated yet.

    This issue should be looked at from the perspective of volume, scale, scope, etc.

  4. Hi Derek. What I find “ridiculous” is that not a single person, including those ‘marching in the streets’ has come forward to show they were cheated out of voting. All 31,000 are fearful of “harassment by supporters of the accused”? I find that disingenuous.

    The fact that Elections Canada’s “own post-election report last spring identified just over 1,000 complaints of voting irregularities – the majority having nothing to do with a robocalling scheme to illegally confuse voters about where to vote.” seems to be a truer representation of the problem.

    Finally, “…look at the survey it’s pretty thorough and not something you can game (easily)…” shows a bit to much naivety.

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