SaskBot Decodes a Little More RoboScam

If Del Mastro is a robot, expect his head to blow off from a serious logic error [Star Trek style], any day now. The Liberals made an improper robocall, in Guelph of all places, and it confused the issue around the Conservative-supporting illegal robocalls across the country that impersonated Elections Canada, and misdirected voters to where they could not vote.

Is Del Mastro slumping from the CPC being caught in another lie, by a blogger?

**** #RoboCon Dishonesty circuits overloading. Danger, Danger!****

Or perhaps Del Mastro is slumping and blustery because of this other hypocrisy he’s caught in. He’s all up in RoBot Rae’s face, but made the exact same robocall mistake previously (didn’t identify where the call came from really). At least the Liberal robocall in Guelph didn’t pretend to be from Elections Canada, or mislead voters as to the point of the call. The severely criminal nature of the Poutine recording is not even close to the potential damage from the Liberal call. Also, the Liberals claimed their call on their expenses, and Poutine, working for a Conservative campaign team presumably, did not. That an alias, burner cell phone, and gift credit card were used to try and conceal Poutine’s identity, is clear evidence that they knew their action was a serious, premeditated crime.

Del Mastro is also sticking to the absurd notion that the Liberals are guilty of leading mostly their own voters to fake polling stations, in the event that the scheme would be uncovered eventually almost a year later, so they could play the blame game with the Conservatives at that time, after helping them win a majority. That’s not a stretch?

If you’re not convinced that the Conservatives knew about RoboCon, and planned to activate the black op in the event of polling too low to get a majority, you must read Stephen Lauten’s guide to the technology and people used to complete the Poutine Election Fraud Conspiracy.

A recent tweet tip from Lautens is to check where Harper and his campaign team, and TSRU were geographically during the campaign, in conjunction with known RoboCon dates.

ADDED: When the public comes around to understanding that the Conservative Party was involved on some levels with RoboCon, watch for them to claim further that it was “no big deal”. There is an academic paper that says otherwise. Remember, we don’t let attempted murderers off in this country, just because they failed in their intended goal. If the Conservatives claim their scheme failed to impact voters, and failed to kill democracy, will they be let off the hook?

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