RoboCon: National Post Catches Up to Saskboy RE: CIMS

Five days later. It’s good that the professional journalists have got around to asking the question I did days ago:
Why doesn’t Elections Canada just check the Conservative’s voter information database (CIMS) for who queried the phone numbers used for illegal robocalls? Do you think they will, now that the National Post has told them how to investigate our national mystery?

John Ivison: Database at the heart of Conservatives’ computer system likely key to cracking robocall mystery

John Ivison Mar 5, 2012 – 5:16 PM ET

Compared to:

And how were the phone numbers taken from the voter list database, and given to RackNine and other firms? There are more opportunities for RCMP to trace the source. Pierre Poutine has logged into the Conservative database prior to May 3rd, 2011, this must be true.

Saskboy Mar 1, 2012 – 12:50 AM CST

I’ve sent a message to the Liberals, and Greens to bring this up with Elections Canada, and apparently it hasn’t been done or Elections Canada’s thoughts are elsewhere, other than on key evidence:

So a detailed inventory of who was using the CIMS database in the ridings allegedly hit by robocalls should narrow down the search for the culprit considerably. A spokesman for the Conservative Party said the Elections Commissioner, who is investigating the issue, has not yet asked for this information.

OMG! I could rip my hair out. That’s SO dumb!
It’s not enough that Poutine has had a whole year to cover their tracks, they now get days more than they should.

ADDED: The Star has learned that a majority of those called were born prior to 1950 and after ’46. That’s pretty specific. The ages of voters are not on Elections Canada supplied voting lists, suggesting again that a party’s voter database is behind the co-ordination of the illegal robocalls.

ADDED: March 14, 8 days later, EC is rumoured to be doing what it should have done months ago, or at least in February.

24 responses to “RoboCon: National Post Catches Up to Saskboy RE: CIMS

  1. Investigators should ask to examine the database audit logs. If those logs have disappeared, then they should attempt to track down any existing backup media which may contain the logs.

  2. I’ve said this before, this scandal does not have legs. It is a non-scandal where I live, the public does not care, I think this scandal only exists in the eyes of the Ottawa press gang.

    I heard a local talk radio show today and the subject was the Robo-scandal, almost no one called in to talk about it. When the subject of garbage collection arose, the phone lines lit up. The public just does not care about Robo-callers no matter how much the journalists in Ottawa try to frame it. People believe this topic is just so last year.

    The Ottawa journalist on the radio even said a warning this morning, she said that if something relevent does not appear in the next few days this scandal was going to fade away. She’s right, this thing does not have legs and the public is growing weary of it already. Its not a scandal.

    This should not be called the Robo-scandal, it should be called the Robo-affair. That’s about it.

  3. I honestly am in a quandry about whether to trust Elections Canada or not. I don’t trust Harpers fingers but whether they are meddling is not clear. Elections Canada has not responded in a way that indicates they’re on top of this or want to be. That is concerning.

    • Whoa there YukonGale, you can’t say things like that on Sakboys blog. Especially now with the famous blog troll Holly Stick lurking about. You better get in line.

      So it’s Harpers fault and Harpers fault alone. He had no help, he did it all, he meddled in our democracy, our world is coming to an end, it has nothing to do with Elections Canada. If Harper hadn’t done this, the liberals would have won a majority. That’s right..Harper did it.. Whew..

  4. While I don’t doubt it’s possible (or even likely) that the lists were generated centrally, it’s also possible the lists were generated locally through the local campaign’s auto-dialer service provider.

    Monday’s T.O. Star report regarding Nipissing-Timiskaming indicated that voters in the ridings may have received two calls
    1) A robo-“poll” to determine voter intentions
    2) A fraudulent automated message.

    “In an interview with the Star, the woman said she had received two calls during the spring 2011 campaign, the first a few weeks before voting day on May 2. It asked if she intended to vote for the Conservative party. She did not. The second came in the week prior to the election.”

    Were the calls from the same number? We don’t know that yet. Are ALL local robo-polling or phone bank polling information provided to CIMS?–robo-calls-elections-canada-probing-fraudulent-calls-in-ontario-riding-of-nippising-temiskaming

    • Fascinating, information Gary. I’d discounted the idea that each local riding may be responsible for the illegal robocall phone numbers that Poutine exploited on election day, but the technical capability is there. It’s also possible that after each local campaign, using central dialing services, had provided phone lists from the riding, Poutine could have been able to use those lists if the calling companies were complicit and transferred the data they’d gleaned from earlier election calling.

      Or the Conservatives had/have CIMS online (INSANE, BTW, but must be true since remote ridings need to be able to query, and R/W the list), and authorized robodialing agencies like RackNine and RMG to PULL phone lists after giving queries for any riding they want to call. This would seem like a giant security risk to me, but it would make Poutine’s life easy.

      All in all, I like my theory better, that CIMS was exploited at a central location, by fewer corrupt people carrying out their nefarious conspiracy. They ran queries to identify undecided and opposing votes, and distributed the phone numbers to robodialers with the intent to suppress the vote. Totally criminal, as indicated by Poutine’s attempt to hid their identity.

      Speaking with someone on Twitter yesterday, they pointed out that Anonymous would be itching for revenge against the Conservatives for the committee nonsense. If they could hack CIMS, they might learn who Poutine is, before the RCMP knows. CIMS is no doubt not online without significant encryption and security, as it would be an INSANE thing to have connected to the Internet where it could fall into the wrong hands. Why, with data like that, someone could steal an election! Oh wait.

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