RoboCon: Journalism Failure at the Globe – UPDATED

UPDATE: In the interest of balance, I’ve included some points by Kady O’Malley who disagrees that Giorno was caught in an open lie.

Read this article by Ibbitson, who tries to make the case that the Conservative’s latest defender has a good point. Go to the Globe.

Now read my article about catching Giorno in a lie, about Sona of all people.
One very important bit:

Guy Giorno:
@DrDawg He is not employed by the Party. He is not employed by the local campaign. He is a volunteer with the local campaign.

The Guelph Mercury has evidence that Giorno ought to have known of Sona’s Ottawa employment with a Conservative Minister, while serving as a “local volunteer” in Guelph.

“I am in National Caucus with the Minister until noon, so I would like until then to be able to see what the PM has to say to us in Cabinet before we submit this article,” Sona wrote [March 23, 2011]

As Harper’s then chief of staff, shouldn’t Giorno have been in the same room that Sona was describing in this email exchange with his Guelph staff? Perhaps not.

ADDED:Point of Information – Kady O’Malley says: “the party and caucus are two distinct entities, at least as far as legal purposes.”

“As a general rule, politicians never openly lie, because the consequences of being caught in one just aren’t worth it.”

Tell me I didn’t just blow Ibbitson’s position on Giorno’s bogus claims out of the water? Was the lie worth it?
-ADDED – Remember, Kady, “Again, the party and caucus are two distinct entities, at least as far as legal purposes.”

If you believe Mr. Giorno is telling the truth, then you have to believe that any fraud or misrepresentation on May 2 occurred without the knowledge of campaign headquarters, or happened outside the campaign entirely. Maybe at some training school somebody foolishly said: “You didn’t hear this from me, but here’s one thing you could do…”

Since I don’t believe Mr. Giorno is telling the truth, the logic dictates the opposite of what Ibbitson presents, is the reality.
And that training school, was he referring to The Manning Centre guide that Akin has dug up?

Do you feel a little mad too?
I thought at the time that Giorno wanted to distance the party from Sona because of the special ballot box snatching incident. Maybe there was another reason?

And what’s the reason that John Ibbitson, a professional journalist for a national newspaper, treats Giorno with so much respect and kid-gloves that he talks him up as some sort of non-lying politician, while a nobody blogger in Regina has quickly demonstrated the exact opposite, using evidence that if it wasn’t an “open lie” it was certainly a technical truth said to conceal reality?

And in closing:

They should know by now that breaking the rules can land a party in a world of hurt, no matter who did it, or why.

Yes, they might get another $52,000 fine for overspending by $1.3M on a campaign that wins them the Prime Minister’s Office. Ouuuch.

Hat tip to Jymn

8 responses to “RoboCon: Journalism Failure at the Globe – UPDATED

  1. Politicians don’t lie as a rule,… Give me a freaking break!!! They will at a drop of a hat if the truth will cost. The truth will definitely cost them, the lie might prevent that cost from being paid,… you do the math.

    • Well hold on. @Kady indicates:

      :@saskboy Actually, that’s not a lie. Sona was ministerial staff, not party. @guygiorno was technically correct in his statement.

      That’s some invisibly thin hair. He said “local volunteer”. How many “local volunteers” sit in with caucus to get directions from the PM, while also working for a Minister? To people outside of the Ottawa bubble, this would suggest Mr. Sona works for the Conservative Party in a role with greater responsibility than the one portrayed by Mr. Giorno’s comments about him.

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