RoboCon: “So dumb”

WARNING: The following is a disclaimer provided by Kady O’Malley, regarding the story within this blog post:
“I’m sorry, but this is SO dumb”

“Tories demand Liberals release call records – but refuse to follow suit
The Conservatives are playing poker.

“Liberals will release election phone records”

Bluff called. What’s in your hand, Mr. “Whacko” Del Mastro? A pair of jokers, I’m guessing.

As to the statement the Conservatives will not release their own records because they are not the ones making the allegations, Mr. Rae said: “Of all the wacko things that Mr. Del Mastro has said in the past 10 days, that has to be the wackiest.”

Tucked away at the end of the Globe story is this total reversal too:
“Mr. Del Mastro clarified later in the day that the Conservatives will give Elections Canada any documents the agency requests.”

If Elections Canada or the RCMP haven’t yet asked for the Conservative’s CIMS database to glean who Pierre Poutine might be, they’re utterly incompetent, or they haven’t been reading, both totally inexcusable ;-)

NDP MP Charlie Angus accused the Conservatives of bullying the third party [Liberals] in the House of Commons.

“Last week, the Minister of National Defence said it was a kid from Guelph [who was behind the calls], case closed. Now the Conservatives are saying they do not know what is going on in Guelph. Now we are hearing that the Conservative Party is trying to blame Elections Canada because obviously blaming the little Liberal Party is not following through either,” Mr. Angus said. “When will the government stop playing the blame game and come clean with the electoral fraud that happened under its watch and its party.”

And more mind boggling duplicity:

Vellacott, the Conservative MP for Saskatoon-Wanuskewin, released a statement on Monday that said “numerous address errors” were made by Elections Canada with its list of eligible voters in each of the six elections he’s contested.

“Because Elections Canada too frequently provides incorrect information, and secondly because technological problems occur with trying to merge Elections Canada info for phone lists, there is a significant potential for error,” he said.

“Hired live phoners or automated calling systems are only as good as the data provided to them. You know the saying, ‘garbage in, garbage out.'”

He appears to be suggesting that if the Conservatives did make the illegal misdirecting robocalls, that it’s Elections Canada’s fault for providing bad information for the callers? I honestly can’t figure out what his point is, so I may be misunderstanding. If I assume correctly, his point is totally refuted by the fact that Pierre Poutine concealed their identity to distribute illegal robocalls because they KNEW IT WAS A CRIME. No one was trying to be helpful by directing voters who just happened to be mostly Liberal and NDP, to incorrect polling stations. You can listen to one recorded illegal call to verify that as fact.

Vellacott obviously knows what he’s talking about though, when he references GIGO.

Dr. Dawg had the same idea as me about the poker bluff.

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