RoboCon: Connecting the Bots

Who is Pierre Poutine? The RCMP want to be all over Poutine like gravy. Are they already, and just firming up their evidence? They can probably obtain information on the movements of Poutine’s burner cell phone that placed calls to RackNine, which unleashed a torrent of fraudulent election day robocalls.

Ross K was aware of election bad-guy Michael Sona, almost a year ago. Sona, during the election, tried to grab a special ballot box at a U of Guelph poll. Elections Canada pressed no charges in that incident. I phoned EC at the time, was given a media contact number to try, since I was a blogger pursuing details for the story.
Anyway, Ross’s blog is one to watch, and not in a creepy Vic Toews sort of way. He also had earlier than 2012 mention of the SGI riding robocalls from 2008!

Dave is another BC based blogger, and is one of the finest in Canada. Check out what his digging into RoboCon has turned up.

.26, 2012 Alberta Girl ‏ @AlbertaGrl:
I love how the Harper Haters are filing out of the woodwork to say “no fair, I got a call and so I didn’t vote”. where is the proof.
Retweeted by Ryan Sparrow

Who is Ryan?
“Vice President of Crestview Strategy, formerly a senior advisor in the government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper”

Mar. 2, 2012 Ryan Sparrow ‏ @ryansparrow:

To be clear there is nothing wrong with phone calls to identify support or GOTV during an elxn, they are annoying but not wrong #robocalls

Who does he work with?
Mark Spiro. Why is Mr. Spiro interesting in the context of RoboCon? The TSMU.
What’s the TSMU? Glad you asked. Try The Galloping Beaver for details.

Mark Spiro:

From the Hill Times April 2011

One Tory said Mark Spiro, founder of Crestview Public Affairs who was a federally-registered lobbyist in 2006 and 2007, is once again helping the Conservative war room’s target seat management unit, as he was in the 2006 and 2008 campaigns.

Mr. Giraud, the Lunn campaign manager, was categorical: “Nobody has ever asked me to do dirty tricks.” But it’s conceivable they were done without his knowledge. The party had a separate team, he said, that worked on swing ridings.

It forced us all to look a little deeper. Is Mr. Giraud pointing a finger? Certainly he wasn’t pointing at himself and we can easily marry up his description with the Conservative Target Seat Management Unit.(TSMU)

“But why do we care about centrally-run fed party teams who may have been working on swing ridings separately from the riding executives and the local pols themselves?”

[In]-and-out scandal alumnus and the Cons’ campaign chair emeritus during the last election, Senator Doug Finley, nails the argument for Con Party innocence :

“This is the whole point : the central campaign does not know because they had absolutely no idea it was happening.”

Thank you, Senator Finley, for that moment of lucid RoboContemplation.

The crew over at TGB (The Galloping Beaver), sure is hard on the crew at TSMU, aren’t they?

For some debunked Conservative theories from last week, check out MacLeans and the comments of this Lietaer article. He gives an inside glimpse into the Conservative “war room”, while claiming CIMS (voter database) couldn’t produce a list of Liberals to be harassed by hired phone thugs. He underestimates the power of databases, if there is any “Liberal” value in CIMS to query. ((UPDATE: Tracey Kent contradicts Lietaer’s claim about CIMS supposed limitation. )) The RCMP could verify this one way or another, and it will probably come out in court later, regardless if the Conservatives official campaign worked on RoboCon or not. Pierre Poutine used the info in CIMS (it would appear at this point) to direct RackNine to dial tens of thousands to try and lead them away from voting.

It’s really difficult to keep track of all of the Conservative’s lies.

A hat tip also to BYork

9 responses to “RoboCon: Connecting the Bots

  1. The power of databases, indeed….

    But, in the end, I wonder if that one little comment from BYork, made be a single sentient being just paying attention over at Dave’s place, will be the singular piece of data that we will all look back on, and bow down to, five years from now?

    (if we can find it in the db after blogger throws everything down the rabbit hole in 2014 a la haloscream’09)


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