Weathermen For Republicans

Most people don’t trust their weather forecaster celebrities to be correct more than 50% of the time. I just made up that statistic, the same way many weathermen have done with comments about climate change during their forecasts.

2011 broke nearly every storm record there was to be broken, and it was the first time in recorded history we’ve had two years in a row with more than 18 storms in the hurricane season. But if you were to listen to the TV weather reports of Justin Berk of WMAR-TV in Baltimore, or Bob Breck of WVUE-TV New Orleans, or Dave Dahl of KSTP-TV Minneapolis you would think this was nothing to be alarmed about.

These and dozens of other weatherman across the nation do not believe in climate change. Yes that’s right — weathermen (and yes they are all men as noted by ThinkProgress) the guys who are supposed to know the most about what causes weather — seem to be in denial about the overwhelming scientific concensus on climate change.

If you’ve caught any local weatherpeople distorting the facts on climate change, please leave a comment with a date and description of the incident, and perhaps email the CRTC too.

On Groundhog Day, it’s a perfect day to recognize that forecasters don’t always know what they are doing. ( Pointed out by @neiltyson )

19 responses to “Weathermen For Republicans

  1. Are they not allowed to have an opinion? Is this the new McCarthyism?

    You want them to lose their jobs because they do not fit your agenda?

    Senator Joe would be very proud of your tactics.

    • They are representing a profession, and their station. If their statements are not as factual as they can possibly be, they should be subject to discipline. That’s not McCarthyism, they are allowed to think and act how they want in private, concocting all the conspiracy theories they want to with their Conservative and Republican friends. They just shouldn’t be given use of the public airwaves without putting their opinions firmly into the obvious category of opinion and not (Sun) news.

    • “The” Ukraine, is a bit of an old expression now, and hard to avoid, but just Ukraine is more correct. They are not a part of the USSR, so the the can be dropped.

      And yes, they are excessively cold, while were’ excessively warm. It’s almost like the climate is different somehow, like it’s changing.

      • Yea, its like the climate is changing n’ junk. Its like I don’t know, climate change…yea, that’s what I’ll call it..climate change.

        I like the sound of that, has a nice ring to it.

        Ban ki-Moon

  2. Thanks for the advice. I’ll tell all my family members who were born there that they should stop referring to it under that ‘old’ name.

    Anyway, on that weather thing, yup weather. Weren’t you guys pushing global average temperature a while ago? If it’s cold there and warm here isn’t the average kind of, umm, average? Have you moved on to regional aberrations to hang your hats on? I’m having trouble keeping up, it looks like the goal posts are in the parking lot now.

    • You’re welcome. Corner Gas did a sketch about that even.

      On your second comment, hardly. You’ll find the global average will be continuing on its upward trend thanks to climate changing pollution. 2 degrees is all it takes to cause a lot of deadly damage.

      • Yea, that’s right Rat boy ol’ pal. Just remember that the average will be continuing its upward trend…any day now.. we’ll see that upward trend…I’m telling you it will continuing its upward trend..

        Here, drink this green kool-aid..quickly..

  3. Hey Pinhead………….I sure wish there was a place where I could report you for distoring the “facts” !! I used to be a weatherman on TV and I could only deal with the information I was given by environment Canada when preparing a forecast….I do not beleive that any weatherman out there is secretly trying to piss of bunch of gullible idiots like you and your kin…they are just doing the best they can with what they got.

    I know in your little enviro-weenie leftist brain you have convinced yourself that the world as we know it is about to end unless we all think like you….not necessarliy “act” like you but “think” like you. Well as you can tell by all the push back that not everyone is standing at the kool-aid fountain like you are. You are as closed minded to another point of view as the most hardend “climate change denier”……admit it….if you were the King everyone would march to your tune…we would all be walking to work and going to an outdoor toilet and wiping with a hand full of leaves.

    I live in southern Alberta and today feels like the second of April rather than the second of February….we have had a beautiful winter so far….it follows four of the worst winters on record…I like this much better……now I will not deny that the climate is slowly changing….if you could see past the end of your ideology you would know that over the eons the climate has changed many times…..and guess what…the world is still here…….who’d a thunk it….can you imagine what you would have done when the ice age started and in the whole scheme of things that wasn’t that long ago…..if you would get your head out of your ass for a moment you would see that the praries are covered with the evidence of the run off when the …God forbid…..climate changed and it warmed up !!!

    So you can bleat and yell and run around in a circle all you want beating your chest and demanding that we all listen to you and do as you say….well that ain’t gonna happen duffus…….so when you get sick of listening to your ears slapping together because of your narrow minded views and start to grow up we will all still be here to say it’s OK Saskboy, we knew you were fucked up but you just wouldn’t listen.

    • It’s amusing that you compare walking to work with using an outhouse, or wiping with leaves. I can’t say I’ve done the leaf thing before, and haven’t used an outhouse in many years, but I happily walk to work every day. It keeps me happier than you’ll ever manage to be with that sour attitude.

  4. All weathermen: March and do as we say. Any unapproved opinions must be kept to yourself….or we will tell the authorities……. The totalitarian left in full display…..very scary.

  5. Your attitude is similar to the former mayor of Vancouver. Shut them up, and keep your opinions private, we will tell the “authorities” so you can you lose your job.. All because they are “wrong” in your eyes, just like “communists” on the airwaves.

    The left were once for free speech, not any more. Its not only climate change, its banning a Pro Life group on campus, disallowing a speaker like Ann Coulter, Daniel Pipes or David Horowitz speak on a campus. Forget the free exchange of ideas. You think you were in Islamic Iran, or Stalinist Albania. They have fully embraced Macarthyite tactics………how ironic,……and scary.

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