Hell In A Handbasket

American spy charged with spying, by his own government, when he revealed to reporters that the CIA was acting illegally by torturing people. Obama’s War on Whistle-blowers, rages on. Bradley Manning is rolling over in his pending grave for allegedly feeding Collateral Murder and other information to WikiLeaks.


Our ghoulish Globe and Mail thinks it’s a good thing that seniors will be without pensions, because they’ll have to work for their retirement instead. Kids looking for jobs must love this perspective too. Harper didn’t campaign on OAS cuts, but here they come anyway. Happy strong and stable majority, old dude Conservative voters. Not so smug now, are you?


Woman asks Obama to “dance a jig” after he offered to look at her husband’s resume! Truth is stranger than fiction. And I get the impression that CTV wants us to watch American football.


Canadian government website posts same press release for border Security and border Privacy, and few notice the DIFFERENCE. (Here’s the real “privacy” release, elsewhere.) For this huge oversight, a Flack Award was given to a Harper employee.


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