Minister of Threatening Canadians

Modified form letter I sent started with:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,
Threatening charities as ‘adversaries’ of your government, is wrong.

The form response I got back started with:

Dear [Saskboy]:

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister. In your e-mail, you raised an issue that falls within the portfolio of the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources.

Joe Oliver taking a fighting stance
-Photo by Andrew Forget of QMI (

Who knew that threatening charities was a responsibility of the Minister of Natural Resources? I would have guessed John Baird, or Peter McKay from a helicopter shouting obscenities at people on the ground.

15 responses to “Minister of Threatening Canadians

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  4. So that’s what the “letters” “started with”, why don’t you give us the FULL correspondence rather than the selective edited version from someone who fears the truth? I’m sure objective visitors to this site can make up their own intelligent minds given ALL the information.

    Secondly, as a “form letter” ie. written from a template, did you honestly think you would get a personalized answer?

    Are you that obtuse?

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