Make It Stop

“Unlike Big Oil, [greens] are not transparent about their motives.” – Financial Post complaining about American environmental groups who oppose leaky pipelines destined to spoil freshwater and the Pacific coast. And what are Big Oil’s unvarnished motives: A car in every driveway, and a top hat and monocle for every billionaire?

Meanwhile, the FP is running cover for the Harper Conservatives, because if anyone knows the power of lobbyists, it’s the party that Bruce Carson built. Read The Sixth Estate’s “Billionaire Conservatives Dominate Federal Lobbying”.

It’s hard not to break into a gigantic grin, the kind seen when watching Jon Stewart pants the witless, when you read this headline:
Rich U.S. groups that funded environmentalists also gave to Canadian government

Yes, the Canadian government that criticized “radical” “foreigners” as the source of Canada’s opposition to destructive fossil-first energy policy, took MILLIONS of dollars from the organizations they’ve badmouthed.
The CP headline pulled no cynical punches:
Still ‘radical’? Rich U.S. groups also gave to Ottawa

In an earlier email that was obtained by the NDP, Dodds said it was his understanding that Clement’s office advised Infrastructure Canada “which projects should be supported” under the G8 fund.

Angus and Boulerice have repeatedly accused Clement of having a direct hand in picking the successful projects, which included streetscaping, public washrooms, an upgraded community centre and improved parks in the Muskoka region north of Toronto where the meeting was held in the summer of 2010.

“This directly contradicts the testimony he gave at committee, it directly contradicts what he told the Canadian people,” Angus said at a news conference.

Clement has said that local mayors were the ones who whittled down a list of proposed projects and that he only facilitated the application process through his riding office by passing on the list of projects to Baird, who had the final say.

In September, Clement told reporters it would have been illegal for him to choose which projects were funded.

“If I was the decision-maker, if I had set up a parallel process and created a situation where the auditor general did not know — that’s their [opposition MPs’] accusation — I’d be resigning right now and turning myself in to the local police office,” Clement said.

“I think Tony Clement should be as good as his word,” Angus said Monday in recounting Clement’s comments. “He told the Canadian people, ‘If anybody could ever prove that I would do that, I’d turn myself over to the cops.’ Well, Tony, what about it?”

[emphasis mine]

Young Lamprey
Another slimy parasite problem in Ontario lake country

Make it stop, please? Why do we deserve a government more corrupt than the Chretien Liberals, and perilously close to the Devine PCs? What will make people pay attention, without loss of life or calamity?

14 responses to “Make It Stop

  1. Oil company’s motive – profit. That’s pretty clear.

    Eviro-weenie motive – save the planet? De-industrialization? Destroy western civilization? We can’t really tell because you guys are against everything. There is not form of power that one or another eco group hasn’t protested or lobbied against. So no, your motives are unlcear.

    • Its true, at one time or another the scatterbrained greenies have protested just about everything. Remember nuclear power protests? Nuclear was evil only a decade or more ago, now its green. Salmon farming was green a few years ago, now salmon farming is evil. Wind turbines used to be the darling of the greenoes, not wind turbines are evil because they kill birds and the land they are built on pay greedy corporations lots of rental money. In Australia their ferral camels used to be green and ran free in the outback, now the greenies want to kill them and trade their dead carcasses for carbon credits. Gross.

      I don’t know how the greenies can look themselves in the mirror each day.

      • “you’ve only listed your twisted view, which contains no facts at all.”

        Oh yea? Heres a quote from Time Magazine regarding the camel for carbom atrocity “Under the scheme, companies and individuals would receive carbon credits for shooting camels by helicopter or truck, or herding them and taking them to slaughterhouses. The camels could be processed for pet food or human consumption, and the carbon credits earned could be sold to domestic or foreign polluting companies”

        Like I say, I don’t know how the greenies can look themselves in the mirror each day.

        Read more:

      • They want to sell it all now before wind turbines completely replace fossil fuels. Wind turbines are a huge threat. I’m sure they lose alot of sleep over them.


  2. “Big Oil” also creates a lot of employment for First Nations people which is often forgotten in the noise. Often they are treated as some amorphous whole that is against oil sand development when the reality is that their opinion is just as diverse as any other segment of the population. Of course First Nations only seem to serve the purpose of the environmental groups when they need them on their side to protest. I really wish environmental groups would stop using FN people as pawns.

    • Claiming that environmental groups use FN people as pawns is really sick. Environmentalists are not the people telling FN people that they are worthless and don’t contribute to the economy if they don’t allow and take a job strip mining for oil to poison their communities’ water supplies.

      If environmentalists (who also include plenty of FN people, by the way) could even be accused seriously of using FN peoples’ rights to a healthy environment, then that’s the biggest crime committed – unethical manipulation. Big Oil can obviously be accused with that, and the destruction or degradation of essential life systems for communities, while creating boom/bust employment and towns.

  3. Fortunately we can elect or choice not to elect politicians. Granted, yes, its not a perfect system by any means. We pay our taxes to the government and get services (more or less) in return.

    Environmental groups on the other hand, we do not elect yes they claim to represent out interests. If you listened only to them, one would think that every FN person in Canada is anti-development which is simply not the case. These groups in turn harass people for money and do nothing for us in return.

    • They ask people for money, but they give lots in return. Without them we’d have more forests killed by acid rain and clearcutting. We’d have more polluted rivers and lakes. And all of these few things have saved countless lives and species of animals to this point – preventing deadly changes that cannot be undone.

  4. Some of them engage in childish attention-seeking as well. Sorry but when they phone, mail and email me asking for money and then turn around to use it to attack my livelihood, I don’t feel overly generous or supportive of them as a result.

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