Withdrawn Outrage

When is outrage acceptable? When something is outrageous. Canada’s position on pollution controls is outrageous, so it’s fine that Justin Trudeau lost his temper and swore at Environment Minister Peter Kent.

The Conservatives’ “ethical oil” strategy is a failure.

[W]e marvel when somebody like Justin Trudeau has an angry outburst? The more surprising thing is that we don’t see it much more often, as the situation actually demands.

Part of it is our Canadian-ness, our hard-wired politeness, even when unwarranted. We may be just waking up to the fact that Ottawa is now being run by a group of people who don’t themselves play by these rules, yet rely on the fact that everybody else does. They lash out and then smile to themselves when those they hit feel the need to apologize for the altercation. This is how they get their way.

It needs to end. We Canadians need to learn to be outraged by the outrageous. We need to learn that democracy is now a full contact sport that requires us to repeatedly raise our voices in order to be heard, and not to wait for our turn to quietly mark an X on a ballot once every four years.

It is only when our outbursts turn into a regular drumbeat that we will start to see the change that we and our children need. We each need to join in calling bullsh*t, and then actively pitch in to clean it all up.


5 responses to “Withdrawn Outrage

  1. Yep.. if only we can get people to think instead of shop. This Crazy Time by Tzeporah Berman gives some thoughts from a seasoned campaigner that may let us channel our energies effectively.

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