One. Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

Two. Put a price on carbon. These are two easy things to do in legislation which will have the crucial effect of curbing air pollution.

If the market is the God of the modern political power brokers, then the market has to contain the solution to climate change. We have until roughly 2015 to halt a rise in green house gas production. After that year, we have to get to lower levels or we will cause climate change that cannot be reversed to stop mass extinctions and suffering for all people.

Yesterday I saw the ridiculous comment from an anti-Occupier in Regina who thinks Occupy protesters don’t understand the world economy. Actually, Occupiers understand very well, which is why they are in the streets protesting, and will be working in the coming years to change economic systems to benefit the majority of people instead of the 1% wealthiest alive today.

28 responses to “One. Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

  1. “Put a price on carbon. These are two easy things to do in legislation which will have the crucial effect of curbing air pollution.”

    CO2 is not a pollutant. Curbing pollution is a nobel cause, but reducing CO2 emmisions does nothing towards the cleaning of the air.

    I actually had some sympathy for the Occupiers. Ultimately they are upset at being lied to. Lied to primarily by the Universities and well-intentioned parents. Going to school for 4 to 8 years (after multiple department changes) to get a useless degree in Liberal Arts, Sociology, Psychology or any number of poorly demanded majors isn’t going to land you a magical job that pays you $75,000 right after graduation.

    Someone with these degrees can do very well but it’s due to their hard work and dedication to continued improvement not the piece of paper they were handed.

    They were never taught that you usually need to slog through the muck for a while until you can get to the fertile lands beyond. For that poor understanding of the real world, society HAS failed them, but not due to any orchestrated repression.

    • “nobel cause” har har, good pun, or typo.

      CO(2) is a pollutant, stop changing the definition of pollution to suit your argument! And reducing carbon dioxide emissions would have the parallel effect of cleaning other pollutants out of the air too. Your opinion is flat wrong.

    • > get a useless degree in Liberal Arts, Sociology, Psychology or any number of poorly demanded majors

      These degrees are *not* useless. These degres are very important to keeping society free, tolerant, at peace and capable of understanding both itself and the universe around it. Science developed and continues to develop thanks to academic freedom created and encourged by these arts and free and open societies are only possible when we have a division of labour in society wherein a significant portion of people study focus on these ‘poorly demanded’ life paths.

  2. CO2 is not a pollutant. Never has been, never will be. I would suggest you’re the one changing the definition to suit your pseudo-scientific quackery.

      • You know I can’t beleive that so many lefty libs are referencing Justin Trudeau’s weak ‘piece of shit’ comment. Like it was some kind of rallying cry. Trudeau is attempting to gain traction to win the Liberal leadership by trying to sound like a tough leader. Wow he said Piece of shit in the commons, big deal.

        No matter how he tries, Justin is no Pierre, he does not have his carisma nor his brains. No one does. There is no getting around this.

  3. Try hooking up an exhaust pipe into your home since “Co2″ isn’t a pollutant. Can’t have too much of it, can you?

    A car exhaust pipe? I suggest humbly, as the POS I most assuredly am, that you are mistaking CO with CO2. CO, carbon monoxide, is a nice quiet way to die as it out-competes O2 for positions on Hemoglobin while CO2 at concentrations high enough to kill you will send you screaming in agony as it feels like your nose is being eaten alive.

    By the way, how do you feel about breathing out a pollutant in your own home? Maybe we should treat CO2 like we do cigarette smoke and ban exhaling near doors, or in the presence of children. Maybe you could try holding your breath and save the planet.

    • Or better yet, put a price on carbon so they tax the very air we breath. Taxing the air we breath is the wet dream of politicians for centuries and the brainless lefties like Saskboy are actually in favour of it. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime, but there it is.

  4. I know the difference between CO and CO(2) Rat, but you and your bud don’t seem to get it. I didn’t say “car exhaust”. Quit thinking you’re intellectually superior, when you can’t even properly define “pollution”.

    I’m through with holding my breath and my tongue. I’m using both to tell you what a piece of shit you and klem are for posting what you do.

    • Saskboy, you wrote “Try hooking up an exhaust pipe into your home…” .

      Then you wrote “I didn’t say “car exhaust”.

      Oh boy. Sorry, but you meant car exhaust, there is no denying this. That was so lame.

      And by thre way, I don’t know who the rat is, but I would expect being called a piece of shit means nothing to him. I have to admit t just makes me laugh..

      • I meant hooking an exhaust pipe with lots of CO(2) for you to enjoy since it’s so odourless and colourless and all that. Think what you want, the truth means nothing to you anyway.

      • Colourless, yes, odorlous not so much and I doubt anyone would stick around long enough to actually die from CO2. You seem to know everything after I mention it so I am sure you’ll know that CO2 is extremely painful at higher concentrations, though not lethal until it actually suffocates you. You also most assuredly know that CO2 concentrations that are too low cause serious medical issues including potentially lethal issues with the oxygenation of blood.

        Speaking of suffocation, if that is how you define pollutant then everything at sufficient concentration is a pollutant. It’s not much of a definition if everything can be classified under it. But then that is your argument. I guess we need safety labeling on everything now explaining to us how oxygen is a pollutant or water or fluffy bunny slippers. This is fun!

      • “then everything at sufficient concentration is a pollutant.”

        It’s like a bulb suddenly came on over your head, then flickered, and went out again a moment later as you continued speaking.

        Pollution is unwanted waste in a location you don’t want it to be. Most of your comments are an example of pollution.

      • Here’s a fun question for you. Are bottle caps pollution? Not if they are on top of bottles, on shelves. Try putting a million of them into the ocean. Maybe put a billion. Is that pollution? Why? They are needed for covering bottles, and bottles bring life saving water to people in places with flooding due to climate change. How could bottle caps be considered pollution, Klem and Rat? Do your homework please, and stop making up definitions to suit your narrow and shortsighted view of the world.

  5. You see, that’s whats wrong with your definition. What exactly is wrong with a billion bottle caps in the ocean other than you not wanting them there? Do they degrade into a hazardous soup or poison fish? Pollution isn’t just the presence of some unwanted thing but a definite deleterious effect. As you can surmise, Klem and I are deni-I mean skeptical about the whole AGW thing. To us, labeling CO2 as pollution when we absolutely know we need it for life on this planet, and do not know if it is a real threat through AGW, well, that’s just plain silly. I think it is you who is making up the definition, or at least you are parroting a definition created specifically to fit a political agenda, not a scientific one.

  6. “Do they degrade into a hazardous soup or poison fish?”

    Yes, actually, both. And they kill birds and other sealife too.

    Stop wasting my time debunking your crazy myths. Sure, I could let your POS comments sit on my blog, polluting it with lies, but I’d rather clean up pollution wherever I have the power to do so. And, you failed your homework.

  7. Hey look, I’m more right than you according to other peer reviewed critics too.
    Pollution –
    Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into a natural environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem.

    Just because Rat and Klem and other Small Dead Animals find no discomfort in there being too much atmospheric green house gases, or too many bottle caps in the ocean, doesn’t mean it isn’t pollution. Definitions don’t revolve around your opinion (or mine), they are agreed upon through consensus, and you’re challenging the consensus to cause further disorder (pollution) without guilt on your behalf. It’s shameful, but you’re apparently without shame.

    • “find no discomfort in there being too much atmospheric green house gases..”

      You know that water vapour is the dominant greenhouse gas, right? Are you suggesting there is too much water vapour in the air Saskboy?

      Just askin’.

  8. Actually, pollution is a physical and environmental hazard that effects ecosystems around the world. Yeah, it’s embarassing that people have no problem with pollution considering that not only is it bad for the environment but could be bad for others health. I mean, it affects others. If you put oil in a farmer’s well and the farmer drinks it, the farmer will get sick. It affects everyone.

    • If you put water in the farmers air and he breaths it, the farmer will drown.

      OMG, now water is a pollutant too. I knew it!

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