POS Canadian Government

This blog post uses frank ideas that may offend idiots. The CBC link contained inside it contains a language warning, even though the offensive word is “shit”, and it’s used accurately by a Parliamentarian to describe our Environment Minister. Reader discretion is not advised, because everyone should know that a critical issue is being lied about by the Conservative government, and overshadowed by a single swear word directed at one of the liars who is ruining Canada.

I’m proud of Justin Trudeau’s outburst in Question Period today. He called the Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of shit” for blaming an NDP MP for not attending Durban’s climate change conference, while it was Kent’s government that denied attendance to opposition MPs! Kent’s attempt to lie about the circumstances prompted no admonishment from the Speaker, who earlier this week ruled that the Conservative party behaved “reprehensibly“, but not in violation of MP Cotler’s privledge, when they prank-called Cotler’s constituency and said he was going to retire soon.

The media should quickly look past the incident of #Shitgate and instead focus on the government to which the insult was hurled. Why is Trudeau so mad? Why are Canadians so ashamed and mad at their government that there are routinely protests in the streets? Why are there so many people with evil opinions that say we shouldn’t try to reduce pollution because they don’t feel good about doing anything to help people and animals that will die from Canada’s inaction?

UPDATE: Will the rest of the Canadian media mention this uranium ownership bill?

UPDATE II: Want to know another reason why Andrew Scheer didn’t rule against Conservatives in “reprehensible” prank calling? He’s used the same prank calling firm.


7 responses to “POS Canadian Government

    • Who said he was? He’s leaps and bounds a better person than you are though. You spend your time spreading lies about scientific facts, and Justin Trudeau calls liars out in public.

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