Occupy Regina Marches with Free Syria Rally

A Free Syria Rally was in Victoria Park today, so the Occupy Regina protesters participated in denouncing the violence against Syrian civilians who have been disappearing by the thousands when they stand up to their oppressive government.

Free Syria and Occupy Regina

A comment on the Occupy Regina facebook page:

a HUGE thank you to the Occupy Regina protesters today who joined us for the Syrian Freedom Rally in Victoria park. You guys are amazing, and your determination is truly inspiring! In solidarity with you all – from Regina to Syria ♥

Free Syria and Occupy Regina

Free Syria and Occupy Regina


Meanwhile in New York, Officer Ray Lewis speaks out about police repression and violence there.

A gripping video from UC Davis shows police violence being used against peaceful protesters. When the police mace the crowd, it shouts back and surrounds the remaining officers, then lets them leave unharmed.

ADDED: Video from today.


3 responses to “Occupy Regina Marches with Free Syria Rally

  1. Wow! That second video was very powerful. I have to admit it actually pissed me off to see those students pepper sprayed. There was absolutely no need for that, honestly. Having done tear gas training back when I was in the Reserves I can say that crap in your face is definitely not a fun experience. It looks as if these protesters have hit upon a good tactic in dealing with police. If more groups start doing this sort of action when confronted in the future it will be very interesting to see how police (and the powers that be) respond.

  2. Good, it should piss off any freedom loving person to see peaceful people being attacked, especially by those in authority whom we should be able to trust with protection.

    I just wish it didn’t have to come to the police being violent before more people realized what oppression looks like, and it doesn’t have to start with pepper spray here, or disappearances in Syria.

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