Free Egypt, Free Syria from Regina

Protesters are clashing with authorities in Egypt’s Tahrir Square again. This video’s screenshot amazed me.

Occupy Regina supported the Freedom for Syria rally in Victoria Park today.


4 responses to “Free Egypt, Free Syria from Regina

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  2. Hey Saskboy, I have appreciated and enjoyed your posts on the “Occupy” movement but I think that there is cognitive dissonance here. While many Canadians cheer on liberation movement in countries like Egypt or Tunisia, they fail utterly to understand that in a number of important ways, our state is no different from those far-away countries. If any social movement arose that posed any real threat to the establishment of power in Canada, it would be treated with as much brutality as the dissidents in Syria are being treated today. The Government of Syria probably has about the same percentage of support among the people as our own government has and Harper would respond exactly as the Syrian Government has responded. The G20 events have demonstrated this very clearly. Recent governments in Canada (both Liberal and Conservative) have adopted a corporate agenda and neither party is interested in a challenge to that corporate hegemony and they will brook no genuine dissent on such issues. One simply cannot retain a meaningful commitment to the Party political establishment of Canada and to the “Occupy” movement.

    • I think Canada isn’t so far gone as to not be able to overcome its problems with significantly different parties being elected to power, and changing the system so it cannot be corrupted again as quickly. To give up hope of that means that violent struggles like those seen in Syria will become our only way out of a corporatocracy.

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