Occupy Regina Fined

Occupy Regina
– Hat with 99% Occupier signatures.

The protesters of Occupy Regina were fined [reader Leon would like me to clarify that they were ticketed, and a judge may rule on a fine at the Dec. 14 court date], one being arrested for not having ID on him [later learned to be in breach of conditions – see Update below] while the City’s bylaw officer Flaman and Regina Police were issuing tickets for being in a park after 11 p.m. (There is a bylaw that says the parks are closed at 11 p.m.) Six tickets were issued [The police correct this number to 7], one more almost given to me for filming from the sidewalk on Scarth Street across from the Canada Life building, which an officer initially claimed was part of Victoria Park. Imagine crossing the street from O’Hanlons, and rounding your car on the sidewalk, and being issued a ticket for being in Victoria Park! Imagine (or watch)!

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides the freedom of peaceful assembly, and does not limit that protest right to a time of day, or permit inferior bylaws passed by a municipality to override the freedoms. People also do not lose their rights if they seek shelter during a protest, or lose consciousness. It’s a travesty to have the City shut down a peaceful protest citing bylaw infractions that have been overlooked for 29 days because they are unjust!

November 14, 2011
Police at Victoria Park
11:20 p.m
“You’re going to be issued a ticket for being in the park…” said to protester inside the park about 20m away.
(Officer walks over to me. His comments preceded by no dash. My comments preceded by a dash-)

-Good evening
Want to go over there as well?
-Ah, no, I’m observing.
Well you’re in the park after 11 so you have to go…
-OK, where’s a safe distance?
…Over there.
-Uh, Where? Can I leave?
No, you’re going to have to go over there to the police cars.
-Ah, I’m being detained?
You are, you’re being issued a ticket,..
-I, I…
..for being in the park after 11 p.m.
If you fail to provide me with the information, you’re going to be arrested for obstruction.
So, that’s the deal.
-Can I leave?
No, You’re going to go over there.
Anyone that’s in the park right now.
(“I’m just stopping by I’m not even a part of this” – says bystander)
__ you’re dressed for the weather so you’re staying here, right?
-I’m not staying here, no. I’m just here to observe to take photos for my website, and observe. I’m just parked over there, I just saw that something was happening so I came over to, to film.
It’s a coincidence that you’re here.
-No, I came to watch, I didn’t come to participate, and I didn’t expect to be accused of “being in the park”. I thought I was outside the park, being on the sidewalk here.
Well, this sidewalk is kind of part of this park.
-I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.
You can put your phone away. You’re trying to record the conversation obviously.
-I was recording, yes.
-Is that not allowed?
See you. Out of the park.
-I can go?
Yes, leave.
(“That’s a close call”, says bystander)

There was at least one other taking video from the same spot as me, closer at first, and at least one other taking photos, but Garson was in the park, and was given a ticket.

Occupy Wall Street faced a major police attack about 3 hours after the ticketing in Regina took place. It may still be underway later this morning.

UPDATE: City puts homeless out onto the street at midnight, after fining them for using shelter in Victoria Park with the Occupy Regina protesters.

ADDED: What police should do in places where they beat protesters:

I’d prefer no suppression of democratic expression, but a fine is a better compromise, and can be fixed in court later. A broken skull isn’t as easy to overcome, like the veteran in Oakland suffered at the hands of police a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: Tuesday noon: CTV intends to interview me at 1pm at the Archer Library at UofR. If you wish to show up for moral support, I’d welcome your company.

Police issued this, as I’ve seen on the Prairie Dog Blog:

Of the one who was arrested, “Officers observed that one of the persons, a 46 year-old male, was intoxicated. Further investigation revealed that this person was on a recognizance which included the condition of abstaining from alcohol. The male was taken into custody without incident and charged with the breach of a court-ordered condition.”

10 responses to “Occupy Regina Fined

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  2. It is interesting when, and how, so-called rules or laws are applied. The developers of Harbour Landing were allowed to continue their “development encampment” well before City Council gave them the official go-ahead to proceed.
    Obviously, the “wink” from the mayor (who’s family ownwed 30 lots there) was enough for the police and bylaw officials to stay away.

  3. I thought these Occupiers were supposed to be standing up for me? Where are they? Why aren’t they here Occupying Fort McMurray? I’m soooo disappointed.

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  5. Personal insults in lieu of real debate aside, if this movement really does have the level of support which you so vehemently claim, then where are exactly are these people. Frankly, I can’t think of a better place for a protest than right here in the heart of Oil Country. Or does the lack of presence more due to the fact that we are not a major media centre here?

    My previous comment involves what is commonly known as “sarcasm”. Try to keep up.

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