Banks Refusing Your Money?

Did you know it’s possible to try and use your good credit, and functioning Visa or Master Card, and have the transaction refused for only $10? Try sending money to the corruption-busting website WikiLeaks, and you won’t be allowed! Visa and Master Card are among the willing participants of an ominous financial blockade that has all but shut down WikiLeaks for good.

Youtube had frozen the count at just over 300, in a possible attempt at censorship. Either that, or their counting routine stinks (which is also possible; never assume maliciousness where programming bugs are likely).

  • Pull your money from Bank of America and PayPal, and use credit unions and Ripple Pay or Bitcoin. I’ve shut down my PayPal account.
  • Use your credit cards as a last resort only.
  • Write your political representatives and newspapers to tell them this blockade of WikiLeaks is corrupt and wrong.
  • Join your local Occupy Protest and share the news of this blockade with other people you know.



2 responses to “Banks Refusing Your Money?

  1. Based upon this story, I will now use my Visa to top up my Paypal account so that I can use that to buy whatever I need online, then pay the balance off with my cash account. :)

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